The Crimean pyramids are going to dig up?
Ten years ago, the media was rocked by news: in Crimea, near Sevastopol, have been discovered underground pyramids, and one of them even managed to punch a hole. The sensation…

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is a Gothic legend
Stone body of the Cathedral dominates the city. From exquisite stone lace enveloping it, here and there protrude outside how ugly and bizarre figures and faces of gargoyles and chimeras,…

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Chernihiv Gothic

Among the variety of architectural forms and structures of our regional center we can observe enough of the original ancient classical buildings, built in the Gothic style. What is Gothic and the Gothic style?

This period in the development of medieval art in Western, Central and partially Eastern Europe from the XII to XV-XVI century. Replacing the Romanesque style and gradually displacing it, the Gothic style gave the world a new type of architectural structures, which can be summarized as “terribly great”. This style has penetrated into almost all works of art of this period: sculpture, painting, portrait miniatures, stained glass, fresco.

In the countries of Eastern Europe Gothic came later and lasted a little longer – until the XVI century. Buildings and works of art that exhibit the characteristic Gothic elements, but created in the period of eclecticism (mid-nineteenth century and later), called the “neo-Gothic”.

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Supercongruence antiquity

Discover how for many centuries before the existence of a revolutionary technology, the ancient civilizations were able to build a stunning architectural masterpieces, which today are the adornment of our planet. Learn about the historical events that created these masterpieces of architecture of the cruel struggle for power, human tragedies and obstacles that had to overcome the ancient architects.

Chartres Cathedral, he is standing for 800 years. As a Testament to the brilliant engineering of the middle ages and shows the world what we’ve accomplished Gothic architecture. But this ancient supersolution lies a terrible story of human weakness, hypocrisy, destruction and violence, the instruments of struggle for power between the European aristocrats and the Catholic Church.

2. Colosseum / Colosseum

Colosseum – arena sand and blood, are the great gladiators fought to the death in its greatest performance. The greatest amphitheater of the ancient world embodies the genius of Roman engineers, but it is a much more powerful means of control over the population and the reason for the proclamation of the Roman greatness in the world. The Emperor-Caesars, the history of the Colosseum the same brutal and bloody, as the events occurring in it. Continue reading

Excursion to the Church — what is it?

The exciting walk for up to 4 people at the most interesting places in the capital. An experienced guide will take through the scenic and unusual route: you can learn the secrets of the Kyiv operetta, to look into Police kindergarten, to hear intriguing stories about events that once occurred in the gymnasium. And, of course, listen to the stirring organ music in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city — St. Nicholas Church.

How’s it going?

The lucky ones will be able to invite 3 more people and in pleasant company, to go on an exciting ride. The tour takes place in a group: an experienced guide will reveal the aura that surrounds the building of the Kiev Operetta tells the story of the NSC “Olympic” and will show other important places of the ancient district of the capital. Then it will be time to visit the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas is a Gothic building, decorating Kyiv landscape with its pointed towers and high spires. In the Church of the Lucky ones will be able to enjoy the majestic sound of the organ: the instrument is not in the gallery, and in the altar part of the Cathedral, Continue reading

Ancient architecture of Ingushetia
Its originality and grandeur of the ancient architecture of the Ingush has long attracted the attention of many scientists. Back in the mid-18th century Vakhushti Bagrationi noted that the Ingush…

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Unravel the mysteries of the megalithic underground complex Hal o Saflieni in Malta
In underground megalithic structure Hal o Saflieni in Malta more than six thousand years ago, there were immigrants from the star system Sirius. Solve the mystery of the lower rooms…