Maltese Cyclops
Malta cross and go far out to sea track, similar to the stone rails (see "AIF" N 38). Built in the new stone age, the ruts were contemporaries of the…

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Great Zavolzhsky shaft
The remains of this massive structure can be traced throughout the Russian TRANS-Volga region - from the Astrakhan region to Tatarstan, after which this earthen wall turns to the East…

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The first of Gelendzhik dolmens were discovered scientist the world Plesetsk dolmens – at the confluence of R. R. Dogrib in Padu. It did in 1818. the Frenchman, Young de Marigny. Modern scholars refer to the dolmens of the megalithic structures. So they called the stone buildings of Neolithic – era pozdneosennee. Megalithic monuments to the past include, for example, the pyramids of Egypt and the stone of Hang in England. And, if these latter are known is something, the mystery of dolmens almost not solved.

Dolmens are found not only in our country but also on the sea coasts of France, England, Germany, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Spain, Africa and the Middle East. For the first time on Caucasian dolmens drew the attention of French scientists in the 19th century in France.

So the word “dolmen” has become international. Dolmen translated from the Celtic language means “stone table”. The Celts an ancient people who lived on the territory of almost whole Western Europe. Continue reading

Ancient structures

The complex includes Nicholas Church, the adjacent cells with a refectory, a warm Church, the bell tower (West of St. Nicholas Church), deanery (South-West from the cells), the building of the former hospital and parish school. Preserved almost entire South wall with entrance gate and part of the West.

The greatest artistic value are the St. Nicholas Church and belfry — the first and most ancient structures of the complex (1542). Wooden monastery documented, even before the XVI century In the XVII century it was a significant maintained the monastery with its school. Since the beginning of the eighteenth century to 1832 are large construction work, there is a stone house of the Abbot, the cells and others In 1848, carried out major repairs of all buildings. Following the construction period of the monastery was during the late XIX — early XX centuries rebuilt the bell tower, deanery, cells with a refectory and a Church, built a hospital, parochial school, etc. Continue reading

10 most mysterious places of Moscow

For anybody not a secret that every city has its secrets and mysteries. In almost every city there is a mystical, mysterious places, and also whole regions, inhabited by ghosts or dreams come true. Here and Moscow is no exception. In our capital there are also places from which the blood run cold in your veins or, on the contrary, a person begins to feel a surge of energy and emotion.

Many guests and residents of the capital are trying to get around these places side – it is understandable, because not everyone is ready to hear and see something frightening and shocking to the common people. But if You’re not afraid of creepy details and love the thrill, then this article is for You, because here we will talk about 10 most mysterious places in Moscow!

1. Once, long ago, on the territory of Ostankino estate of the Sheremetev family was the cemetery… suicide. Today it is difficult to judge the heavy energy of a place or a fatal combination of circumstances, but many serfs actress had been drowned in the lakes. That is why the place is called “Garcinia ponds”. Continue reading

Supercongruence antiquity
Discover how for many centuries before the existence of a revolutionary technology, the ancient civilizations were able to build a stunning architectural masterpieces, which today are the adornment of our…

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When was built the oldest dome in the world?
Almost 500 years after the construction, on November 1 of the year 609, the Pantheon was turned into a Christian Church. It is logical that a former temple of all…