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10 most mysterious places of Moscow

For anybody not a secret that every city has its secrets and mysteries. In almost every city there is a mystical, mysterious places, and also whole regions, inhabited by ghosts or dreams come true. Here and Moscow is no exception. In our capital there are also places from which the blood run cold in your veins or, on the contrary, a person begins to feel a surge of energy and emotion.

Many guests and residents of the capital are trying to get around these places side – it is understandable, because not everyone is ready to hear and see something frightening and shocking to the common people. But if You’re not afraid of creepy details and love the thrill, then this article is for You, because here we will talk about 10 most mysterious places in Moscow!

1. Once, long ago, on the territory of Ostankino estate of the Sheremetev family was the cemetery… suicide. Today it is difficult to judge the heavy energy of a place or a fatal combination of circumstances, but many serfs actress had been drowned in the lakes. That is why the place is called “Garcinia ponds”.

Nowadays, there is a house, and in the churchyard is the building of the telecentre. The telecentre staff, and local itemporarily that here possible to meet an old woman with a crutch, which, as a rule, is before the tribulation. After her last “visit” there was a fire in the Ostankino TV tower.

2. “The Tretyakov gallery”.

There is an opinion that the paintings are on display in the gallery carry a wide variety of energy and… effects. For example, the image of Maria Lopukhina may not look at the girls of marriageable age. This legend appeared, thanks to the gossip of society that Mary’s father, Ivan Lopukhin was a representative of the Masonic Lodge and a famous mystic. And that he lured the spirit daughter in the portrait, which died soon after it was written.

Paintings of Nicholas Roerich and Levitan, on the contrary, have on the viewer the most positive impact, and the Image of the Vladimir Mother of God was of great assistance in the defense of Moscow from the enemy.

3. Have You heard that the treasure of the knights Templar were secretly removed from Paris to Moscow? No? Then You just need to walk to St. Daniel monastery!

Many conspirators believe that the walls of this monastery have all the details of this legend. When you’re next to the monastery, pay attention to the first layer over the gate and You will see the symbol of the Templars six-petalled rose in a white frame…

4. Novodevichy monastery is famous for the fact that it was a monk only a noble person, representatives of the Royal families and noble families. At the time of adoption of the tonsure, these ladies have sacrificed huge amounts and funds for the construction and improvement of the monastery.

The irony of rock Princess Sophia herself became a prisoner of the monastery, which made a lot of investments in its development. Recall that here “determined” is the younger brother of Peter I.

By the way, it should be noted that in this monastery there is a sign: who will be added to Savushkino white stone wall of the tower and make a love wish, it will come true. So don’t forget about it.

5. “Magic clock”.

Watches that are at house number 2, Spartakovskaya street, made famous, in his time, warlock and wizard Yakov Bruce.

The house itself belonged to count Musin-Pushkin, who just laughed at Bruce and then the wizard cursed: “Let him be cursed this watch and show only the bad!”. Interesting fact – the rocks from which Board hours during the world wars and the revolution became blood-red.

6. In 1812 there occurred the bloody battle of Russian and French armies. Then killed an incredible number of soldiers who were buried in mass graves on “the Napoleonic mounds”. They were buried without burial service and mixed up Russian and French.

There is an opinion that the equipment in these places “refuses” to work. This, incidentally, is a reason to not to conduct any photo or video filming local horror.

Well, if You want to personally verify the veracity of the stories, and maybe shatter age-old myths, then You definitely should to visit here! Sign up on our site, and we will tell you the closest available tour of the “Napoleonic”mounds.

7. After the baptism of Rus, Prince Vladimir ordered to destroy and to destroy all the idols and all the attributes of paganism. Then, of course there was not a single monument that would remind about that period of Russian history.

But is it really? I don’t think so. There’s a place called “White Gods”. Here is a sculpture that many consider to be the extant artifact from a pagan culture. This image of a man with the head of an animal (perhaps a lion), which was worshipped by the local population. And many do believe that this image of one of the gods…

8. One of the most beautiful burial places in the world is the Père Lachaise cemetery and it is an indisputable fact. However, few people know that in Moscow there is a cemetery, which can rightly be considered a “competitor” Père Lachaise beauty! And called this place the “Infidel crypts”.

As is clear from the name – are buried only foreigners, and Gentiles. Found this place in 1771, when the plague literally “mowed” a tremendous amount of people. Then perished so many people that the places in cemeteries is simply not enough. A notable feature of the “Infidel crypts” is heard coming from nowhere the sound of the flute, and even the clank of chains.

9. It would seem, Sofrino, the usual urban-type settlement. Here live about 15000 people, there are two schools and several churches…

But not architecture, and educational institutions attract people! Come here to “touch” to extraterrestrial civilizations! It is in Sofrino often see unidentified flying objects. Fiery objects of different shapes and colours most often seen here in summer in the daytime and in clear weather.

10. The Museum-reserve “Tsaritsyno”.

About 500 years ago, among the primeval forest stood a village called “Black mud”. The name of the village was for the fact that there was mud and keys. There was a belief that if you fight with a black oily muck, and then take a dip in one of the keys beating from under the earth, then all ailments and diseases “as if by magic”.

Over time, these sources have consecrated and pulled pilgrims. And the Empress Catherine the Great, taking care to preserve their youth and beauty, chose this place to build his Palace.

Well, Friends, here and over on Ten of the Most Mysterious places and if You suddenly want to go around, then we will tell You about all the excursions, don’t forget to register on our portal!