For the first time this was reported the Ural news Agency more than three years ago. In the southern Urals, in strict confidence, in the rock vyrubyvajut giant "beehive", in…

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Chernihiv Gothic
Among the variety of architectural forms and structures of our regional center we can observe enough of the original ancient classical buildings, built in the Gothic style. What is Gothic…

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Maze – live, virtual, dangerous.

Labyrinth — a mysterious structure with many intricate lines. The most famous of them was built in Crete for the Minotaur. The fashion for the creation of such “puzzles” have survived to our days. In Europe, the popular gardens and parks with a large number of intertwined alleys. And in virtual reality appeared places where it is easy to get lost…

Has become widely popular exquisite gardens, labyrinths in the possession of Gonzaga in Mantua, the French Royal residence-Versailles. Pope Clement X in 1670 ordered to break the garden maze near the Villa Altieri in Rome. He liked to watch the attempts of the servants to find a way out of this “puzzle”.

And in the UK the device of labyrinths has become a national tradition. So, the English king Henry II in the twelfth century surrounded the Palace of his mistress Rosamund Clifford at Woodstock tangled mass of alleys and hedges. Maze called Rosamund Boudoir.

On the path leading to the Palace, knew only the servants Rosamund and himself. It was not an empty whim of a tyrant — in those cruel times, the favourite of king were constantly in danger of being killed by enemies or schemers… However, as legend has it, the precaution did not save — the jealous wife of Henry, Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine,has managed to ferret out the mystery of the maze, made his way to the residence of a rival and killed her.

The most famous of such structures in England — HAMPTON Court, built in 1691 by order of Prince William of orange. In the book of Jerome K. Jerome “Three men in a boat, not counting the dog” describes the wanderings of a hero in this maze. Today it attracts tourists who are curious to know whether you can get lost among the alleys. However, say that the labyrinth is actually not that complicated, and its whole secret lies in the fact that while driving you should always stick to only one side…

Similar mazes continued to be created in Britain in relatively recent times. One of them appeared in 1988 in Leeds and consists of 2400 yew trees. The paths of the labyrinth form an image of the Royal crown. At the corners of the Park set of towers and bastions. In its centre can be accessed in the usual way — through the alleys. But to go back, have to go down to the underground grotto, the entrance to which is located on the mound, at the same time serves as an observation deck.

The world’s largest “garden” labyrinth in the garden of an English castle Blenheim. Its length is 88 m, width of 55.5 meters. The building is remarkable because of its “walls” you can see the heraldic signs of the British Empire.

Another European tradition — to break the mazes of turf. In the center of such structures is usually sod mound or tree, and to it are paths in the form of shallow grooves. Typically, these mazes are in the shape of a circle with a diameter of 9 to 18 meters. But there are also square, and polygonal varieties. Now there are eleven such labyrinths: eight in England and three in Germany.

There are and turf “puzzle” of enormous size: for example, in the Polish city of Slupsk maze, laid out especially for the traditional costumed festival local shoemaker’s Guild, reached 45 meters in diameter.

“Live” labyrinths have always attracted the attention of tourists. They serve for the last a kind of intellectual entertainment and test of skill. Of course, to truly get lost in the twists of the maze difficult: guides won’t allow you, but at least for the time thrills guaranteed!

Has long been in Vogue and various toys-puzzles in the form of labyrinths. Not to mention computer games. However, such entertainment is not secure, experts say. For example, a virtual game “Labyrinth of death” was contraindicated for people with unstable mentality.

Thus, among psychiatrists the story goes about the engineer from Novosibirsk, which is almost a day spent playing in a computer maze, and the next morning returned from a business trip his wife found him in front of the computer without consciousness. On the monitor the inscription flaunted: “Exit not found”. The engineer ended up in a psychiatric hospital. So especially fond of labyrinths is not worth it. Even virtual…