Maze - live, virtual, dangerous.
Labyrinth — a mysterious structure with many intricate lines. The most famous of them was built in Crete for the Minotaur. The fashion for the creation of such "puzzles" have…

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Great Zavolzhsky shaft
The remains of this massive structure can be traced throughout the Russian TRANS-Volga region - from the Astrakhan region to Tatarstan, after which this earthen wall turns to the East…

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Artistic forging in Gothic style

Traveling through Europe for myself to note the fact that different historical eras have different trends and styles in architecture. One of the brightest areas, of course, is the Gothic style. This direction arose in the middle of the seventh century.

Artistic forging of metal is closely associated with the Gothic architectural style. This is exemplified by the wrought-iron gazebo , massive wrought iron doors and other unusual metal products. Most of the work blacksmiths made in this direction have intricate patterns, which fit well with oak leaves, lilies, grapes, a variety of four-leaf rosettes and other elements that form a floral ornament. All this diversity of forms, master blacksmith jewelers woven into intricate geometric patterns. The fence, built in the Gothic style, are the characteristic features of the time, it is the presence of arrowheads in the form of arrows on each rod, a wrought-iron fence. Also at the base there is always a square element. In the manufacture of wrought iron doors in the master paid special attention to its handle, door handle performing strictly observing all the main areas of the Gothic style. Floral designs were used not only for decoration all the products, but also performed various functions, such as knock, wrought-iron knob, on the door, thereby alerting house owners about the arrival of guests.

Skilled craftsmen of those times produced real miracles of blacksmith art, which nowadays have become a world heritage site. In Gothic architecture was the Cathedral of Notre-Dame de Paris, which is the most striking example of artistic forging in this direction. The subtlety of the execution of all the smallest elements of the Cathedral, capable of hitting even the most experienced connoisseur of Gothic. To feel the breath of those times you only saw this building in person, as no photograph or painting can convey the beauty of this structure.

Artistic forging in Moscow , built in the Gothic style, also widely used. Young blacksmiths with huge enthusiasm take up the execution of orders using ancient traditions in this area. All clients requesting assistance, to the blacksmiths know that metal art in Moscow is the leading forge houses around the world. The experience of many centuries ago, passed down from generation to generation, from senior blacksmith to his apprentice.

Mysterious megaliths
In the mountains in the South of the Kemerovo region, geologists have found a "wall" of piled up on each other rectangular stones. The find has been dubbed the "Russian…

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The Gothic quarter of Barcelona
Barcelona's Gothic quarter is the oldest part of the city. Originally on this site stood the Roman settlement of Barcino, originated from Barcelona. Today the Gothic quarter is for tourists…