Structures of the Third Reich
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Pyramids: there are more questions than answers
Long gone ancient civilization, leaving to posterity many questions and mysteries that are fighting today hundreds of scholars and esotericists. One of such mysteries is still a mystery of the…

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The Crimean pyramids are going to dig up?

Ten years ago, the media was rocked by news: in Crimea, near Sevastopol, have been discovered underground pyramids, and one of them even managed to punch a hole. The sensation died down, nothing productive and not noted and like. I forgot about it. But no – this summer, as had been stated publicly, the mystery of the Crimean pyramids have to be disclosed: in place of one of the ancient relics of heavy machinery.

The beginning of history with the Crimean pyramids was laid in 2001, when the Sevastopol research group under the leadership of candidate of technical Sciences Vitaly Anatolyevich Goh announced his sensational discovery. According to other published sources, underground pyramids were discovered in 1999 or 2000. The discovery was made quite by accident – during the search of thermal waters using the method of geohydrodynamics, specially designed based on the principles of dowsing and even patented in patent office of Ukraine.

The venue of the next survey, in the vicinity of Sevastopol, through a unique “device Goch” with “the author’s know-how technology” was recorded high-power microwave field on a plot radius of 100 meters.At the point of maximum field strength and it was decided to break the pit to determine “the depth and power of thermal waters and to understand the background microwave field” [9]. At a depth of 9.5 meters geologists stumble upon the “gypsum concrete slab”. After he managed to drill the obstruction, down to the level of 38 meters from the surface of the earth. To the bottom of the mysterious object then never made it – there was no necessary equipment, but with the help of primitive equipment – bucket and block on the surface was lifted 40 tonnes of soil [1, 2].

Made findings immediately led to the idea of the underground is clearly a man-made object, which after additional research a unique author’s methods of “geographie” and “geohydrodynamics” was identified as the pyramid. The height of the building was determined at 45 m, and the length of the base is 72 m. And not only that… in one of its sides was built the figure of a Sphinx, more reminiscent of the statues from Easter island and containing in the parietal part of the head “cavity resonator” [6, 7].

Publication about Crimean sensation

By assumption one of the participants of the Sevastopol research group V. Taran that discovered the pyramid hardly the only, the search area was expanded. “The way geographie” was discovered six similar buried underground buildings, which were located on a single straight line, oriented from Northwest to Southeast, from Cape Chersonese to Cape Sarich along the coastline. Subsequently, the number of “open” like the pyramids in Crimea has risen to 37, and on the territory of Ukraine was in fact recorded no less than 200 of these objects, which are the fragments “of a single Planetary system of sacred centers”.

But pyramid is not one

Further the story about the Crimean pyramids, around which was wound a ton of occult noodles under the guise of “science” [8] here to continue does not make sense. Anyone can find it using search engines – the good the Internet some information about it abound. The surprise of such a sensation arising in the territory of neighboring States, already are topics about Ukraine as the Motherland of the elephants or of the ancestral home of the ancient global civilization long ago beaten, but enthusiasts are not translated.

To disassemble the author of the invention V. A. Goh, based on certain “know-how” that is a trade secret, it also will not, leaving this to the proper specialists. But judging by the available information [11, 12], there are big doubts in the claimed scientific nature of the developed methods. Because it is strange to read about how captain 1st rank Navy retired and candidate of technical Sciences with the help of his self-made methods and devices makes a discovery, worthy of an entire Academy of Sciences and requiring a radical revision of the whole current picture of the world until the radical editing of school textbooks. Okay limited to only finding underground water and minerals, but you have suggested a new model of the Earth’s core, “scanned” Mars with the Moon, established that the energy core of the Earth through the pyramids with the stars VEGA, Canopus and Capella, in the constellation of Pleiades and Orion showed signs of life. Why on earth are scientists so much time with the Hubble their own suffering, because all is so easier?

Fortunately, the critical comments addressed to the working group Goh still sound [3, 4], but against the General flow of information about the Crimean pyramids and announcements about “esoteric trips” they seem to be just tiny Islands of prudence. “The Crimean pyramid” is actively transformed into a mystical cult, like the arch, but the latter, unlike the underground facilities of the Crimea, is a real archaeological object.

Scientific studies of the Sevastopol group does not give nor membership in the International Academy of energoinformation Sciences (maen) and the International Academy of fundamental bases of existence (MATB) [11] or involvement in joint research certainly not experts from science: “research” group “Altair” (also known as “Terra”, “NAME”, in fact Simferopol the group of clairvoyants and psychics), together with the Center for spiritual development “Galaxy” [8], the International Centre of Cosmic Intelligence (MCR, Moscow) headed by academician E. N. universe. [5], the scientific group of academician E. R. Muldashev [6].

Individual attention, mentioned by Vitaly Goh on television about the open pyramid two scientists from the University of Arizona, also visited in the Crimea, and in particular Professor Alan Hildebrand. Based on the statements of Sevastopol researchers about the widespread use during the construction of the underground pyramid protein (egg) and expressed the idea that to obtain such volumes of valuable material was used not only as the eggs of dinosaurs that became extinct 65 million years ago [7]. And with a light hand overseas counterparts age Crimean sensation was drevnin with 15-20 thousand years (again, it is not clear how were Dating) until at least the end of the Cretaceous period. Can only shrug my shoulders and donated to contribute to the Treasury of such bold assumptions. And not was whether the construction of a single Planetary system of sacred centers cause of death of dinosaurs? Surely all eggs destroyed at the root.

It is unclear why, therefore, when such interest underground pyramids of the age of dinosaurs by various academics turn up their nose and Crimean authorities represented by the Committee for the protection of monuments at the Council of Ministers of AR Crimea [1], and the Crimean branch of the Institute of archaeology of the Academy of Sciences of Ukraine [2]? Probably because the scientific approach should not be based on unfounded loud sensations, and on scientific methodology, including the principle of “Occam’s razor” – “do not increase the entity beyond what is necessary”. If the detected group V. Goh underground facility and is actually man-made, we did not find more rational theories about its origin and purpose?

According to the staff of the Museum-reserve “Chersonese”, the explorers of the pyramids has been excavated near the ruins of the estate of the IV century BC, and declared a “cavity resonator” in “the head of the Sphinx” is a typical cistern for collecting water, carved into the limestone [9]. In 2001, senior researcher historical archaeology Department of the Simferopol Museum of local lore Victor Nadikta suggested that the structure might be the work of ancient Greek settlers, which appeared in the Crimea in the VI-V centuries BC. The Greeks really built similar structures that was used as a giant vacuum flasks or condensers of moisture, and they were built before the arrival on the Peninsula Tatars in the sixteenth century [2].

You may hear many versions of the “Crimean pyramid”, but the hypothesis of cyclopean buildings of ancient civilizations the time of the dinosaurs would require much more evidence than has been presented so far. And apparently with an ulterior motive in July 2010, the information appeared that on the site of the first pyramids discovered now hard at work with heavy equipment trying to get to the truth (area with the “megalith” was leased for 30 years to some of the Sevastopol entrepreneur). Charge of the excavations head of the Department of archaeology of the University of Odessa the Evolution of Mind (!?) Vladimir zhytnyk, who managed to attract to this project investment [9]. Who knows, maybe this season the yellow sensation and turn into shaking the foundations of several Sciences unshakable fact? To believe in the miraculous still want.