What's in common? gardens, megalithic structures, mandalas and temples
I have increasingly come to the conclusion that everything is interconnected, and there is a higher mental mind or is it embedded in our genes. I look at labyrinths, mandalas,…

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The symbol of Munich — the Gothic Frauenkirche Cathedral
Of all the cities that we visited in Bavaria, Munich we liked the most. This is a very lively city with an upbeat atmosphere. It harmoniously blends the past and…

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The most interesting places on the planet

On planet Earth so many amazing, beautiful and interesting places, fascinating us with its beauty and numerous legends associated with them, secrets which were not disclosed until now.

Let me list the most mysterious places on the planet, the history of which stretches back into antiquity, drawing and simultaneously scaring its grandeur and marvel.

This list introduces ten mysteries of the world of architectural creations, providing a great opportunity to realize the depth and nehvataet world in which we live. In tenth place are ancient Barrows, in the Indian settlement of Cahokia.

Its inhabitants have left it fertile, prosperous place for mysterious reasons, to unravel the science is not yet able to. All that remains from this culture is, first of all, these silent giants. In ninth place is the Newgrange, a very old building in Ireland, built with earth and stone, clay and forest somewhere in 1300 BC, there used to be 1000 years before the construction of the Egyptian pyramids. The purpose of this construction is still not solved. According to one version, it served as the tomb.

Eighth place belongs to the pyramids of Yonaguni, located in water depths near japonskiego Ruku. Are called “turtle” because of its shape. The question is whether this creation of nature, or they are still created by human hand? In seventh place Geoglyphs in the Nazca desert of Peru. Again, their origin is unknown. Sixth place is the Goseck circle in Germany, which is similar to a primitive Observatory.

However, its exact purpose is also not solved. In fifth place — Sacsayhuaman – the fortress of the ancient Incas. Scientists still are unable to figure out how it was created, how you tried to drag huge boulders in far pre-Christian times, when the work is done very accurately. A very interesting Easter island (near the Chilean coast). On it are the monuments of Moai is a huge human statue.

It is unknown how exactly they were created and then installed. They are followed by tables of Georgia, on the second place – the mysterious Sphinx of Giza (Egyptian valley of the kings), and, finally, in the first place – the English Stonehenge. It is truly a mysterious place to visit, and mysteries which should definitely be touched!

Pyramids: there are more questions than answers
Long gone ancient civilization, leaving to posterity many questions and mysteries that are fighting today hundreds of scholars and esotericists. One of such mysteries is still a mystery of the…

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The Gothic quarter
Languages: the Official language is Catalan. This language talks about 10 million people in Spain and parts of France. Spanish language in Catalonia is welcomed not the same as Catalan.…