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The symbol of Munich — the Gothic Frauenkirche Cathedral

Of all the cities that we visited in Bavaria, Munich we liked the most. This is a very lively city with an upbeat atmosphere. It harmoniously blends the past and present, old and new. I think we’d be sad if you missed the famous Frauenkirche Cathedral . which definitely is well worth a visit.

The Frauenkirche has become one of the few cathedrals where we managed to get inside, because usually our walks around the city did not coincide with their opening to the public. The Cathedral is located on the main shopping street of Munich Kaufingerstraße . but the shadow of its walls gives a fresh coolness of dozens of restaurants around. Here is one of the most endearing and charming fountains throughout the city.

Personally, I fully support the theory that every city has soul, character, and gender. So for me Munich is undoubtedly a woman, such a neat lady, not devoid of feminine playfulness. All this is especially pronounced in the main symbol of the city — the Frauenkirche. By the way, a succinct emblem of the Cathedral can be found everywhere in the city. Here, for instance.

The process of construction of the Frauenkirche Cathedral was begun in 1468 and completed, as it often happened in those days, only in 1525. The Cathedral could accommodate up to 20 thousand members, although the population of Munich were no more than 13 thousand people. Currently sitting in the Cathedral can be due to 4000 installed the benches.

At the height of the Cathedral is 99 meters, in this connection upon the decision of the referendum held in 2004 in Munich was imposed a temporary ban on the construction of buildings above 100 meters. And everything to ensure that its towers could be seen from any point in the Central part of the city.

The Cathedral built in the Gothic style, the length is more than a hundred meters, 40 meters wide and about 37 meters in height. What we didn’t expect was to see this austere, but very bright and light interior of the Cathedral Frauenkirche . What not expect from such Gothic churches. To me it looked more like some elven Palace.

Stained glass Windows showing different scenes from the life of the virgin Mary.

Besides the beautiful stained glass Windows and paintings in the Frauenkirche there are four authority, the chief of which is in the Western Empire. Near it was built in 1994 and looks quite modern.

This is the Cenotaph of Emperor Ludwig IV the Bavarian, i.e., a symbolic tomb, a monument, but no remains. The Cenotaph was erected by order of Duke Albrecht, a bronze figure which is at the head of the whole ensemble.

So what is the Church without the mystical legends, and it’s called “Spur of Satan.” Version is actually several. One of them, when the construction of the Frauenkirche was completed, but to sanctify it yet, dwelt in these places the Devil himself. And here he saw a place where Windows of the Cathedral were hidden behind pillars, and began to laugh at the builders that they built such sabarese and no Windows. He prototypal foot, and why was a trace of black heels.

In one of the towers has an observation deck on which to get. But we compensated for this tower other facilities — St. Peter’s Church. The view from there offers a great as the Frauenkirche Cathedral, and Munich.