Mosaic labyrinths were laid also on the floor of some Gothic cathedrals
And so it continued for many centuries and millennia. Spiral codes were passed down from generation to generation, from nation to nation, from worldview to worldview from religion to religion.…

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Mysterious megaliths
In the mountains in the South of the Kemerovo region, geologists have found a "wall" of piled up on each other rectangular stones. The find has been dubbed the "Russian…

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Construction of wooden houses

Home for thousands of years people around the globe recognize wooden house the most attractive on the qualities and describe him as warm, alive and healthy home. People who value peace choose exactly such a house. More and more people are starting to understand what wood. Times change, and fashion New technologies allow to build wooden houses quickly and efficiently. For most people, wooden houses are associated with the holiday, create an atmosphere of relaxation and romance. All this helps to relax and really rest. This is why many people dream of having a cozy warm pine smelling house.

Wooden houses construction is a complex and specific area of construction that requires deep technological knowledge. The wooden house is recognized worldwide as the most environmentally friendly, most comfortable and healthy homes. Before building this type of houses did the people who were interested only in the ease of construction, availability of materials and, of course, protection from bad weather. Currently the people involved in the construction of wooden houses, encouraging not only these, but also many other advantages: rooms are different sizes and shapes, vaulted ceilings, skylights and, of course, modern design to suit individual requests. We erect buildings for various purposes: residential wooden houses, baths, cottages, cafes. Wood,natural colors walls allow the building to blend in with the surrounding color scheme. The buildings both outside and inside can vary elements to create a distinctive decor for You.

Thanks to modern technology of construction, wooden houses have a constant temperature and humidity, which have a positive impact on the health and mood of a person. Wooden house is undoubtedly the perfect choice for those people who are interested in saving money and energy, since such housing does not require complex care, and the exceptional features of the capillaries of the wood in a wooden house warm even in the brutal cold, so the walls are 20-santimetrovuyu thickness not further insulated. In the house of this type never gets too hot in the summer and, therefore, no additional air conditioning system become unnecessary, and thus saves energy.

So, if you dream of wooden house, consult with our designers, appraisers and builders that will help you to create a warm environment and will provide the opportunity to live or relax in a cozy and environmentally friendly homes. Wooden house is a house for relaxing

Wooden house is permanent housing, as brick house, cottage or apartment. It can be as well-equipped, reliable, warm and cozy, and the usual houses will be different than the material of which erected the walls.

Forget about the old, rickety wooden houses. Currently, when new technologies have appeared, your wooden house can stand for hundreds of years. For example, in Norway there are wooden houses, which serve for sassot years. There are many wood preservatives: paints, varnishes. Just home require less care, like shoes, clothes or apartment.