The symbol of Munich — the Gothic Frauenkirche Cathedral
Of all the cities that we visited in Bavaria, Munich we liked the most. This is a very lively city with an upbeat atmosphere. It harmoniously blends the past and…

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Construction of wooden houses
Home for thousands of years people around the globe recognize wooden house the most attractive on the qualities and describe him as warm, alive and healthy home. People who value…

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Excursion to the Church — what is it?

The exciting walk for up to 4 people at the most interesting places in the capital. An experienced guide will take through the scenic and unusual route: you can learn the secrets of the Kyiv operetta, to look into Police kindergarten, to hear intriguing stories about events that once occurred in the gymnasium. And, of course, listen to the stirring organ music in one of the most beautiful buildings in the city — St. Nicholas Church.

How’s it going?

The lucky ones will be able to invite 3 more people and in pleasant company, to go on an exciting ride. The tour takes place in a group: an experienced guide will reveal the aura that surrounds the building of the Kiev Operetta tells the story of the NSC “Olympic” and will show other important places of the ancient district of the capital. Then it will be time to visit the Roman Catholic Church of St. Nicholas is a Gothic building, decorating Kyiv landscape with its pointed towers and high spires. In the Church of the Lucky ones will be able to enjoy the majestic sound of the organ: the instrument is not in the gallery, and in the altar part of the Cathedral, which gives the flowing music of special beauty. Listening to a fragment of organ compositions, the tour moves on, because in the vicinity of the Church there are still many interesting historical monuments, for example,a Police cozy garden or building a charitable hospital of the wife of General TREPOV.

A fragment of an organ concert in this Church

The Kiev authority was created specifically to accompany religious services. That’s why he sounds great in the walls of the St. Nicholas Catholic Church. Now here is the House of organ and chamber music. Tourists from all over the world come to listen to exciting melodies that pour from 3846 pipes of this historic instrument and reflected from the high arches of a Gothic Church.

A rich program of excursions

The Church is the Central point for an exciting stroll. Besides visiting this monumental structure, tour will take place on less known but equally interesting places. For example, you can learn the secrets the building of a charity hospital. Elizabeth Crepaway, or where the Police came from the garden is a huge fountain.

Accompanied by an experienced guide

The excursion participants will be accompanied by a guide who knows the history of the capital in the smallest details. He’ll reveal the incredible stories and mysteries associated with each stopping point, and will guide through scenic and unusual route.

Artistic forging in Gothic style
Traveling through Europe for myself to note the fact that different historical eras have different trends and styles in architecture. One of the brightest areas, of course, is the Gothic…

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Gothic style in architecture
Gothic — a period in the development of Western, Central and Eastern part of Europe from the XII to the XVI century. Gothic replaced the Romanesque style, gradually replacing it.…