Great Zavolzhsky shaft
The remains of this massive structure can be traced throughout the Russian TRANS-Volga region - from the Astrakhan region to Tatarstan, after which this earthen wall turns to the East…

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is a Gothic legend
Stone body of the Cathedral dominates the city. From exquisite stone lace enveloping it, here and there protrude outside how ugly and bizarre figures and faces of gargoyles and chimeras,…

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Supercongruence antiquity

Discover how for many centuries before the existence of a revolutionary technology, the ancient civilizations were able to build a stunning architectural masterpieces, which today are the adornment of our planet. Learn about the historical events that created these masterpieces of architecture of the cruel struggle for power, human tragedies and obstacles that had to overcome the ancient architects.

Chartres Cathedral, he is standing for 800 years. As a Testament to the brilliant engineering of the middle ages and shows the world what we’ve accomplished Gothic architecture. But this ancient supersolution lies a terrible story of human weakness, hypocrisy, destruction and violence, the instruments of struggle for power between the European aristocrats and the Catholic Church.

2. Colosseum / Colosseum

Colosseum – arena sand and blood, are the great gladiators fought to the death in its greatest performance. The greatest amphitheater of the ancient world embodies the genius of Roman engineers, but it is a much more powerful means of control over the population and the reason for the proclamation of the Roman greatness in the world. The Emperor-Caesars, the history of the Colosseum the same brutal and bloody, as the events occurring in it.

3. Great pyramid / Pyramid

When tov ancient times there were seven wonders of the world, seven monuments of human ingenuity, but one after another, these civilizations have collapsed and miracles turned to dust, lost in the Sands of time. All except one. The great pyramid of Giza, which is 4.5 thousand years old is the only surviving ancient wonder of the world and the oldest. Around the pyramid there were many myths, but the real story is the story of triumph despite insurmountable obstacles, outstanding human skills and an unquenchable thirst for one person to live forever.

4. St. Paul’s Cathedral / St. Paul’s Cathedral

In 1666, in London, thousands of people fled from the fire, devouring the great Cathedral. Fire destroys this monument. But a new miracle of architecture rises from the ashes and will rise above one of the richest cities in the world. The first and largest Protestant Cathedral, it will be unchanged part of the London landscape. The construction of a huge dome will become the architect of his life. Each time a Cathedral will be on the verge of destruction, he will look for engineering solutions. He runs the risk, putting into practice the revolutionary ideas, to realize his great dream.

5. The Alhambra / The Alhambra

In the Andalusian hills in southern Spain, rises the majestic fortress, which became a legend, Alhambra. This ancient citadel rises above the city of Granada. For the construction of its 37 towers and walls of the powerful took more than 150 years, but the Alhambra is not only an impregnable fortress, this magnificent Palace, with elegant courtyards and unfolded scene where murderous intrigues, and the most famous of the surviving monuments of Muslim architecture in the Western world.

6. Peter / Petra

Petra – a precious stone, lost in the Arabian desert, one of the most mysterious of ancient cities. At the entrance to the city rises a masterpiece of architecture El-Khazneh. Immortalised in Hollywood films, this structure cut into the rock for almost 20 centuries ago, but today researchers are still stunning architectural monuments behind El-Khazneh and the traces of the people of the desert, created the city. The search is not over yet. How they managed to build this magnificent building? Who were these great masters? And the most important question – which meant a building.

7. Machu Picchu / Machu Picchu

On the distant mountain range, located high in the Andes Peruanskih, are the ruins of the ancient city. 600 years they stood under the pressure of heavy rains and mudslides. The city consists of thousands of stones weighing up to 20 tons, fitted tightly to each other. Each stone has been processed and installed using only human hands and tools primitivnykh. Built by the will of the ambitious Emperor, this city is a glorious legacy of the Empire of the Americas. This is Machu Picchu, a city born of war and victory.

8. Angkor Wat / Angkor Wat

Cambodian city of Angkor, impressive in scale complex of stone temples have been left by people over 500 years ago. The jewel of the city, its largest temple of Angkor Wat – a giant stone map of the universe and one of the most remarkable creations of mankind.

9. The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul / Hagia Sophia Istanbul’s

Istanbul, Turkey. Ancient Constantinople. At its heart stands the mighty temple, born in riots and fires. It was built to revive the glory of Rome. This structure is so large that it could cover eight times on the centre court at Wimbledon. The temple has survived the devastation of the earthquake and war. The beautiful Church of the Byzantine Empire – the Hagia Sophia.

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