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The most ancient monuments of the construction of the italic peoples in their purpose and design belong to the so-called cyclopean or pelagicheskie buildings, traces of which remain in Greece…

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Underground structures
The last decade has put before the NIIOSP specialists a number of new scientific, engineering and technical problems associated with the comprehensive development of underground space of cities. The underground…

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Chernihiv Gothic

Among the variety of architectural forms and structures of our regional center we can observe enough of the original ancient classical buildings, built in the Gothic style. What is Gothic and the Gothic style?

This period in the development of medieval art in Western, Central and partially Eastern Europe from the XII to XV-XVI century. Replacing the Romanesque style and gradually displacing it, the Gothic style gave the world a new type of architectural structures, which can be summarized as “terribly great”. This style has penetrated into almost all works of art of this period: sculpture, painting, portrait miniatures, stained glass, fresco.

In the countries of Eastern Europe Gothic came later and lasted a little longer – until the XVI century. Buildings and works of art that exhibit the characteristic Gothic elements, but created in the period of eclecticism (mid-nineteenth century and later), called the “neo-Gothic”.

So rare for our region works of architecture decorate and Chernihiv.

The manor Glebova – a product of eccentricity or love?

The most majestic of them is the home of the former leader of the Chernihiv nobility of Gregory Glebov. Few of the inhabitants of “Pridesnyansky”, located on Shevchenko street, suspect in the Park, literally a hundred steps away, is such a luxury. Gregory Glebov was kind of unusual,what’s more dreamy and romantic. But these qualities did not prevent him to implement his dreams. Inspired by the novels of Walter Scott and Dumas, Marshal of the Chernihiv nobility dressed in the fashion of a romantic past-time – in yellow high boots, leather short “Cossack”, gloves with gauntlets, a hat with a feather. This view is, to put it mildly, surprised the townspeople, and frankly frightened peasants Bobrovitsa (at the time of construction of the estate the area of Chernigov was a suburban village – Ed.). It is said that in the history of the construction of the mansion lies the affair.

Supposedly being in France, Gregory Glebov fell in love with the Parisian, who wished to have his castle. Passionate nobleman embodied the desire of the lady of his heart in architectural forms.

Be that as it may, a great Gothic castle with the equipped all canons of exterior Park and river nearby, was built and continues to delight the eyes of contemporaries. Very close, to the left of the Palace, preserved Lednik (ice cellar), to the right is the caretaker’s house. Nearby are the ruins of some building, obviously of the period. But what it was exactly is not known.

The driveway to the house still clearly visible. Now in the neo-Gothic castle is home to the research Institute for agricultural Microbiology. Was recently overhauled, so that the estate at present in the Zenith of its greatness and beauty.

Fire tower

Another creation in the Gothic style it is impossible not to notice in the center of Chernigov. This tower is a former fire tower, which is dissonant in the background of the iron the TV tower. The fire station in the regional center was founded in 1841. In the early twentieth century it was built the house “Chernigov fire society”, which consisted of one-storey hall for fire trucks and two-storey premises with a fire tower, which was finished wooden lantern is a Lodge with a weather vane in the form of a flag. This tower was designed in the new Gothic style, contrasting with the elongated space of the first two floors. Octagonal tower with Gothic elements-teeth on the upper and Lancet Windows rests on a quadrangular tower. In 20 years this building was converted into a printing house. At the moment, here a temple of art – exhibition hall of Union of artists of Ukraine coexists with private firms and shops.

The Museum, a craft class, library for young people

Near the castle Glebov, Shevchenko street, 63 there is another building in the Gothic style, known as the house did Tarnovsky. It is located next to the Central city stadium. Yuri Gagarin, now there is a library for youth. At the end of XIX century this building was a craft class at the orphanage, and in 1900-1902 continued collection of the Ukrainian Museum of curiosities collected by the famous patron of art Vasyl Tarnovsky, owner of Kachanivka. His father was’stvovali with Taras Shevchenko, therefore, not surprising that in the great Assembly there are 758 monuments of the great bard, including 30 of the autographs of works, 285 drawings and paintings.

By will Tarnovsky, in 1897, the building and the unique collection was donated to the town: “I Give the ownership of the Chernigov provincial Zemstvo, without the right of alienation of G. Chernigov, however, that the Museum was called by my name.” But “exclusion” to circumvent failed. Under Soviet power a considerable part of exhibits was moved to the capital.