Megalithic structures of the island Khortytsya
Megalithic complexes of the island Khortytsya in Zaporozhye region of Ukraine built by immigrants from the star system Sirius 8 -10 thousand years ago, maybe even earlier. Megalithic structures of…

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Structures of the Third Reich
The third Reich - power of the Nazis and a personal dream of Adolf Hitler together with his Fuhrer, incredible atrocities and racial theories of the Superman, is remembered in…

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Mosaic labyrinths were laid also on the floor of some Gothic cathedrals

And so it continued for many centuries and millennia. Spiral codes were passed down from generation to generation, from nation to nation, from worldview to worldview from religion to religion. So, in Constanta (Romania) there is an old Orthodox Church where the fresco of the last judgment framed all meandrov-spiral ornament. Mosaic labyrinths were laid also on the floor of some Gothic cathedrals (Fig.70). Can not fail to surprise and a bronze figurine of an ancient deity with a spiral on his chest, sitting on a wolf; she was found on the territory of Russia, Kama river, and is kept in the Historical Museum in Moscow (Fig.71). There is no doubt totemic in the substance of this composition. Fantasize about its original meaning difficult. But there is no doubt: before us the prototype of the famous fairy story of Prince Ivan and the Grey Wolf.

Of exceptional interest is stored in a Munich Museum, the urn model of the ancient temple, whose facade is decorated with spirals (Fig.72). Layouts of sanctuaries were extremely common in the Ancient world: according to the testimony of Pausanias, one of the models of the Delphic temple, made of beeswax and feathers, was in his primabolan Apollo as a gift on his Urheimat – Hyperborea

(Pausanias, X, 5, 5). It seems that in the case of spiral

symbols on the facade of the above-mentioned Indo-European (and

maybe dondiablo) temple its meaning

akin to those which bear the crosses of churches and half moons on

mosques. Space spiral encoding symbols and

maze no doubt. However, the cross and the Crescent in

pre-Christian and pre-Islamic era are also performed in

as cosmic symbols of the Sun and fire (the cross), moon


Closest to the truth explanation of the meaning and purpose of the Solovetsky labyrinths (for that matter, and all the rest scattered around the North of Europe) gave a well-known former Soviet historian and popularizer of science, for many years headed the Russian astronomical and natural history magazine “world around”, Daniel O. Svyatsky (1879 –

1940). In his view, the moves of the maze, forcing the traveler a long time and in vain to find a way out and finally, after all vyvodila him on the outside, are nothing more than a symbolization of the wandering of the Sun during the semi-annual Polar night and semi-day in circles, or rather on the large spiral projected on the dome of the sky. In cult maze probably arranged the procession to symbolize the wandering of the Sun, just as in later cultures are made procession around the temple or the altar. Solovetsky and other labyrinths not only served to walk in them, but also acted as the schema collection for doing magic dances. Horseshoe-shaped labyrinths, of a type often found in Solovki, it is able to encode the movement of the Sun in high latitudes for the most part of the circle, remaining above or below the horizon during the summer or winter solstice. The hypothesis of an Association of labyrinths with the astral cult was launched in Germany in 1891. Ernest Kraus, who considered

spiral the remains of megalithic temples in honour of the Solar deity, but with polar views on it, migrated South in ancient times from the distant.

In this light, of particular interest are Russian spiral (avivausa) dance, performed exclusively by women during simicska festivities. The ritual dance is called “Navit”. At first the girls walk in a circle, then