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Unravel the mysteries of the megalithic underground complex Hal o Saflieni in Malta

In underground megalithic structure Hal o Saflieni in Malta more than six thousand years ago, there were immigrants from the star system Sirius. Solve the mystery of the lower rooms of this building and established the mission “the Oracle room”.

Underground structure discovered in many parts of the Earth, were the dwellings of the settlers from the star systems of Sirius and Nemesis.

Anatoly Ivanov

Astrophysicist Ivanov Anatoliy

In the previous article of the author “Ancient cosmodromes of Malta” was a speech that immigrants from the star system Sirius and the Nemesis, having arrived to Earth in the first place, built the launch sites and temporary shelters, which, as a rule, was located underground. They possessed unique knowledge and technologies, but they didn’t have the industrial base. Settlers knew how to extract iron and other metals that they knew how out of concrete and glass, you can build tall buildings, but their capabilities were limited. First we had to go through a very long period of adaptation.

In the first phase they built the house from stones. Settlers had technologies of their processing and transportation. But to build homes on the surface of the Earth over 10 thousand years ago was very risky. In those vremennaya a lot of warring tribes and predatory beasts. The easiest way was to build a home underground, using technology for the processing of rock. Settlers in most cases did.

Found a lot of underground structures the settlers of the Neolithic period. Such objects are found in Turkey, India, Ethiopia, England, the Americas and Malta. Modern science identifies these objects as underground cathedrals. It is a profound mistake. In the study of such structures need to remember that they could only build settlers. In those days, humans had no technology and did not have the necessary tools to build such unique objects. The assumption that underground megalithic structure built on the orders of any Prince or king of a thousand or two thousand years ago wrong. They are built by the settlers for many thousands of years before.

In 1902 in Malta, was discovered underground megalithic structure, which was called Hal o Saflieni. Upon completion of the excavation before the eyes of archaeologists were fascinated by the unique underground megalithic structure. As usual, the scientists immediately made the assumption that this underground temple. But the discovery of 7,000 human skeletons somehow does not jibe with a religious object. Then it was decided that this building was used for burial of the dead members of the community, and called this place a sanctuary. But all these assumptions are not true.

Figure 1 shows one level of this underground facility.

Figure 1. The layout of the rooms on one floor of an ancient underground megalithic structures in Hal o Saflieni.

These areas can testify only to one – they are adapted for a long stay. Even in the aisle is a stone bench on which to sit and relax. And in the cell walls provides space to sit or lie. There is no doubt that all rooms are lighted with the help of unique technologies of immigrants.

Ancient underground complex Hal o Saflieni, in all probability, was built after the first powerful the flood, which was about 11 thousand years ago. Its construction, in all probability, began at the same time with the construction of the ancient spaceport Hajar Qaim. Most likely, the huge stones and megaliths of limestone, which was extracted from the ground during the construction of underground structures, were used for walls and columns of ancient spaceports. But for this purpose was also used and the megaliths, which were extracted from stony surface layer of the earth’s near space program. In Malta there are places where the rocky surface layer of earth cut deep, parallel, mostly furrows. The author has repeatedly noted that immigrants possessed unique technologies for the processing of stones. They did a deep longitudinal, and then transverse incisions in the rocky ground and got the megaliths to the desired height and thickness. Such megaliths, for the most part, went on making fences. The assumption that the longitudinal furrows on the surface of the earth were the tracks for the railway or for the movement of trucks is another absurdity. The settlers had neither the one nor the other.

Found about 7,000 skeletons in underground construction. Immigrants from the star system Sirius who lived in the megalithic underground complex, had died suddenly as a result of flooding of the Islands of Malta during the world Noah’s flood, which was about 5-6 thousand years ago. In all probability the accident occurred at night when all the residents were in the basement and did not have time to do anything. The result of this cataclysm was the complete disappearance of civilization in Malta, which existed more than 6 thousand years ago.

In all likelihood, simultaneously with the construction of the ancient spaceport of Ggantija on the island Kozo more than 14 thousand years ago on the island settlers, too, had created such megalithic habitation. But this island and Malta were all flooded as a result of the first powerful the flood, which was about 11 thousand years ago. To find this underground construction is almost impossible. It’s been too long.

With regard to phenomena associated with the resonance of the sounds generated by a low male voice, which was audible in all the rooms, it is one of the unique technologies of immigrants. It was an ordinary warning system. Immigrants were not wires and phones, although they knew how to operate the radio. But they formed a connection with all the rooms of the complex, using only the forms of these spaces, made of limestone. In this regard passed information about the planned works and other activities. Information passed on only to the man. This completely refutes the assumption of some scientists that in ancient times in Malta and across Europe was dominated by matriarchy. Malta was led by only men. The discovery of two huge stone figures of women in this megalithic complex does not indicate the existence of matriarchy in Malta and that this megalithic complex was built by the giants from the star system Sirius. Not all women are immigrants from the star system Sirius were such figures. The wife of the Pharaoh of Egypt Akhenaten Nefertiti had a more balanced figure.

This underground structure was discovered ochre. It was used for religious rites, and for application to wall paintings. Painting on the walls images of spirals, immigrants from the star system Sirius again wanted to inform future generations of earthlings about how to operate the stars and galaxies. About the meaning of spirals, are drawn on rocks and walls displaced from the star systems of Sirius and Nemesis, was discussed in dozens of articles by the author available on the Internet.

In the megalithic underground complex, Hal Saflieni is another mystery. Was found bathroom located at the bottom of this structure. In it were steps, which was cut off at a height of several meters from the floor of this room. In this article, it was about the fact that this megalithic complex was the living quarters of the migrants. In any residential building it is almost impossible to live without water. In all probability the lower room was filled with fresh water. Water could be used for household needs. But you can assume that the room was used as a swimming pool. In this case, the pool could be used in salt water. Currently it is very difficult to define whether the pool is fresh water. When the deluge of sea water had flooded almost all the rooms, and its traces can be detected in real time.

Summarizing, we can say that almost everything that is written about modern science megalithic complexes on our planet, is not true. In the next article the author will discuss the megalithic underground structures of Turkey.