The most mysterious place in the world
Puma Punku in Bolivia ― one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the world. It attracts archaeologists and professional historians and Amateurs to explore the hypothesis of the existence…

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Pygmies became a Cyclops
These ruins about three hundred kilometers from Limpopo have opened over a hundred years ago a traveler and a hunter of elephants Adam Render, who presented us with the first…

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Structures of the Third Reich

The third Reich – power of the Nazis and a personal dream of Adolf Hitler together with his Fuhrer, incredible atrocities and racial theories of the Superman, is remembered in history and incredible facilities projects, wonder weapons and ideas that were ahead of their time. Straining incredible resources, using the labor of prisoners of war and prisoners of concentration camps, the Nazis built of truly cyclopean buildings which will explain this film. Incredible miracles that showed German engineering assembled in 6 episodes of the documentary film click here for more info. Despite its enormity and uniqueness, revolutionary, neunichtozhimosti and eternity, these structures, like the thousand year Reich, are unable to meet the expectations of their creators and soon turned out to be a colossus with feet of clay, utopian projects, the utility of which was minimal.

Atlantic wall

1944, allied troops are about to disembark in Normandy, in order to prevent this, the Nazis built a line of fortifications on the entire Atlantic coast, from the border with Spain to the cold waters of Norway. The führer is convinced that it must stop the invasion. Atlantic wall is impregnable. Thousands ukrepleniju and emplacements, miles of barbed wire and trenches, and several dozen divisions have to stop anyone. Despite all the efforts of the Nazis, allied troops managed to break through this seemingly impregnable line of defense.

Rocket V 2

The end of the Second world war. Advice on the one hand, with the other allies of the Nazis clamped in an iron grip. War on two fronts is a losing war, but Adolf Hitler still believes in the victory of his thousand-year Reich. At this time, a group of scientists headed by the young Wernher von Braun invents a weapon that many years ahead of its time. Rocket power is in 1 ton of TNT, dozens of outbreaks covering London. For even greater efficiency, the Nazis with German thoroughness are building an entire underground plant, which is able to launch from the ground dozens of such missiles, while remaining completely impervious to attacks of allied aircraft.

Base of submarines

The battle of the Atlantic, the wolf pack Karl Doenitz mercilessly stoked the convoy behind the convoy, leaving England with almost no means to fight. Hunting brings results, but Hitler’s submariners lack reliable databases to correct this deficiency, the German engineers are deploying unprecedented scale of the project – bunker for submarines, the perfect base under a concrete dome, the place where the wolf pack the führer can lick their wounds.

The supertankov

Germany, deprived of the opportunity to have armored vehicles after the Treaty of Versailles, for a long time had no tanks in service. After coming to power of the Nazis, Germany is rapidly begins to reform her army, chief of Nazi doctrine is the idea of blitzkrieg and tank breakthroughs. In the third Reich begins to create more and better armored vehicles. Behind in production capabilities to the allies and the USSR, Germany relies on the supertankov – land battleships tank type mouse and the Royal tiger, terrifying the enemy.

Jet caves of Hitler

The second world war comes to an end, industry of Germany lies in ruins after a large-scale night raids of, but Hitler puts everything on the card, the remaining resources left to build underground factories and the new fighter, which must reverse the course it seemed already lost war. Jet fighter Messerschmitt 262 IU – was head and shoulders above their opponents. He flew higher, faster and was more maneuverable of any aircraft the allies, however his tactics wrong handling fully settled its advantages.

The main citadel of Hitler

The last days of the Third Reich. 1945, Berlin is surrounded on all sides, but Hitler did not intend to surrender, locked in his fuhrerbunker, the main Nazi Germany, ready to die or to defend their capital. The storming of Berlin through the eyes of the Germans seemed to be a real end of the world for the German nation.