Ancient structures
The complex includes Nicholas Church, the adjacent cells with a refectory, a warm Church, the bell tower (West of St. Nicholas Church), deanery (South-West from the cells), the building of…

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The most interesting places on the planet
On planet Earth so many amazing, beautiful and interesting places, fascinating us with its beauty and numerous legends associated with them, secrets which were not disclosed until now. Let me…

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The Notre Dame Cathedral is a Gothic legend

Stone body of the Cathedral dominates the city. From exquisite stone lace enveloping it, here and there protrude outside how ugly and bizarre figures and faces of gargoyles and chimeras, quizzically looking at an endless stream of pilgrims and tourists flocking to the Cathedral square. And the Windows polished precious stained glass. The Cathedral of enigmas, mysteries and legends.

It stands in the heart of Paris – the Ile de La Cité. Once, in the Middle ages it was Paris. Notre-Dame de Paris – the hunchback of Notre Dame. Actually, all of the best Gothic cathedrals in France dedicated to the virgin Mary. … Reims, Chartres, Amiens, Laon, Paris… But not as beautiful as the majestic cathedrals of these cities, the star remains the temple of Paris. The main Cathedral of France, the main Cathedral of the Gothic. Although his face has guessed the Romanesque style that preceded it.

Like many ancient Christian churches he was born on the site of a pagan sanctuary. Where now rise the towers of the Cathedral of the Holy virgin, once worshipped Jupiter. But the era of Christianity, and the temple of the Gentiles, was reborn in the Church of the new faith. This happened at the beginning of our Millennium, shortly after the baptism of the Franks by Saint Dionisy. But only in the mid-twelfth century at the behest of the Bishop of Paris was founded the famous Cathedral. He became one of the first churches of the new French, the Gothic, style. To create stone wonder it took 200 years.

Any Cathedral of the middle Ages no matter whether it is built in Romanesque or Gothic style can be called a Bible for the illiterate. However, biblical stories content giant stone “comic book”, which was and is each of them, not exhausted. Next to the illustrations to the Scriptures, the wizard put the stories from the lives of their contemporaries. Twisting those and other bizarre, sometimes frightening images of chimeras, demons, strange natives of the unknown land (an idea of the geography of the world of medieval man was very different from modern). The world of Gothic is mysterious, confusing and ambiguous. But the world sculpture of the Cathedral of Notre Dame occupies a special place in the ABC’s of supernatural. No wonder Victor Hugo, Creator of the romantic legends of Notre Dame, called it “the most satisfactory brief guide to the occult”. And still in the stone traceries of the Cathedral looking for the followers of esoteric teachings the answer to the main mystery of the alchemists – the philosopher’s stone recipe…

Changed styles, changed fashion, but remained unchanged the respect of citizens to the majestic stone walls. But the fire of the French revolution did not spare them. Colored tears fragments of shattered stained glass. Stone statues of the facades spared that time, but did not spare the hands of the descendants of those who once with zeal and reverence had carved out of stone are beautiful in their calm faces of the angels and the prophets and the amazing face of infernal creatures. The Cathedral survived the revolution, but not thanks to the generosity of Republicans, but due to technical difficulties the new rulers of Paris. After the destruction of Cluny Abbey they felt the lack of explosives. In 1792 the Church of our lady became the temple of reason to the dancer Fanny Aubrey in the role of the revolutionary incarnation of the deity, or the high priestess. Only 1802 the Cathedral was re-consecrated. The coronation of Napoleon has lost part of its former splendor the temple had acquired, was transformed: on the Gothic portal was raised portico with columns in the ancient spirit.

Only in the middle of the century, when romanticism made the Gothic fashion, the architector Viollet-Le-Duc produced not so much restoration as the reconstruction of the Cathedral. Scientists, by the way, still argue that it happened harm or good. The roof of the Cathedral was inhabited by demons and chimeras, has a new spire at the base, which is “modest” art Director of the process put his portrait…

Years go by, life changes, changing the Cathedral, but its attraction does not disappear. And if you are in France, any road leading to Notre Dame.