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The most mysterious places of the Volgograd region

In the Volgograd region there are places, covered with legends and endowed with unusual energy. This summer bold and brave tourists who want to touch the unknown, can take a fascinating tour of anomalous places of the Volgograd region.

Sanctuary Indo-Iranian fire-worshippers

In the natural Park “Donskoy” is located in Ilovlya district, residents and visitors of the Volgograd region will be able to see a huge sanctuary Indo-Iranian fire-worshippers, appearing before the new era.

This place is a mound, a circle with a diameter of about 200 meters, located at an altitude of about 130 metres above sea level, between the ravines Katalinski and Bread. Central elevated part of his damaged several pits left over from kladoiskatelskoe excavations in the beginning of XX century the local population. As a result of these excavations from the depths to the surface were displaced large fragments of vitreous slag with remains of burnt wood, scorched mass of reddish loam.

His iconic use and antiquity can be comparable with the times of the pyramids.

The fire temple has a complex internal structure. There is a theory that in the center of the object in a specially crafted ancient builders of furnaces for several hundred years kept the fire. The bottom and walls of the furnace were made of white stone, with thermal insulation properties.When stone container was completely filled with firewood, set fire to it, burying the top layer of crushed limestone. Thanks to this clever Ruse of the fire-worshippers built their stove is not burned, but only smouldering and thick smoke wafting for miles.

Romanian mountain

Near the sanctuary is the Romanian Hora. Modern cosmoenergetic practitioners claim that there are different energy flows. To be here 20 minutes to the Park’s experts suggest, as often in this place a headache.

“Vigorous” spring

Amazing phenomenon of nature can be seen in the nature Park “Nizhnekhopersky”. Transparent crystal water escapes from the ground with extraordinary force, bringing to the surface clean sand. Based on the conclusions of laboratory studies, the water of the spring “Ebullient” meet sanitary standards for microbiological indicators. Also the natural Park “Nizhnekhopersky” is famous for its amazing Shaqe grove, which is a natural monument. It is called the forest oasis surrounded by the Volga steppes. By the way, this grove – the scene of one of the scenes of the novel by Mikhail Sholokhov “Quiet flows the don”, where Grishka Melekhov says goodbye to a dying Aksinya. Surprisingly, there are still some trees that are several hundred years old: oaks and pines.

Medveditsky ridge

This is one of the most mysterious places not only in our region but throughout Russia. Every day dozens of people come here to see with their own eyes on the mysterious birch grove, which disfigured many ball lightning: according to witnesses, they arise directly out of the ground. And if you’re lucky, you’ll see the UFOs, as they say, is plenty. In addition to the strange parched places, tourists discover and mysterious tunnels that go deep into the ground, the remains of ancient glaciations.

A chain of undulating hills stretching out in the Saratov and Volgograd regions, geoenabling recognized as the strongest area in the country. It is located in the zone of tectonic faults and is Packed with a variety of mysterious and mystical objects.

There is a legend that the people who lived there, suddenly were decimated by some unknown force. Interestingly, nearby was found an ancient burial ground, which discovered the graves of the giants, a growth of over two meters.

It is quite likely that they have inhabited these places. Local residents confirm that sometimes in the fields found a giant skull people. And just on the other side of the river, archaeologists found an ancient burial midgets, grows to 50-60 cm.

With 80-ies of XX century on the Medveditsky ridge is constantly conducted scientific research, but none of the expeditions did not give a logical answer to all the questions.

Place is called stolbichi

On the Volga there is no more exotic cliffs, reminiscent of a powerful fortress wall with towers. Stone Palace, the city above the water. This place is called stolbichi is a unique phenomenon of nature, not peculiar to the Volga expanses, is striking in its grandeur. The most exotic Volga cliff is located near the Shcherbakovskaya beams. It is particularly good to see the sunrise and to see the eyes of the setting sun. Ten gigantic stone pillars-colossus altitude of 90-100 meters, lined up in a row and recorded the ancient coastline of the Paleogene sea. Poets have compared them to a city over the river and to a stone Palace. Artists have devoted a number of canvases. Anyone who will see huge pillars that change during the day its color a few times, will be delighted. And well rested in this romantic place on the Volga river. Amazing harmony of wood and stone makes an indelible impression on visitors of the natural Park “Shcherbakovsky”.

Damn expensive

Anomalous zone is located on the border Kotovsky and Olkhovsky areas of the Volgograd region. The fucking game is, at first glance, an ordinary sandy crater in the desert. However, do not jump to conclusions: it’s not just a hole in the ground, and the place is truly full of mysteries.

The first mystery is actually the question of the origin of this place merrymaking. Such a strange crater like this could not happen differently desert steppe for a reason. Here and there was not sudden changes of topography, bodies of water, seismic activity.

On the other hand, the most logical version of the meteorite have already refuted: scientists have found in the funnel of traces of foreign bodies or fragments.

The game looks terrifyingly beautiful: colored Sands, the plants are very poisonous and rare colors and unusual stones with patches of melted sand. If you clean their hands, they will be some time to Shine (don’t worry, it doesn’t threaten health), and if you take a handful of colored sand home and leave, then after a while it will change its color. Some lucky ones even found it in semi-precious stones!

Unique and local flora all the plants here are stunted, crooked, and therefore are called “Drunken trees”. However, here it is no secret that local soils are stingy with moisture. As for the fauna, it here simply is not, not even to meet the normal lizards.

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