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For the first time this was reported the Ural news Agency more than three years ago. In the southern Urals, in strict confidence, in the rock vyrubyvajut giant “beehive”, in which you can place a city designed for a life of up to 300 thousand people. Takes care of the construction of this secret underground city personally Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin.

Secret base of the Russian government found in the mountains of the southern Urals, close to the ski center “Abzakovo”, which is often visited by the Russian President Vladimir Putin. Around the hopper mountain walks a lot of rumors, and even residents of nearby settlements do not really know that objects from the times of “cold war” are built in the mountains. Decided to find out what the secret complex is located in the southern Urals. What say the builders of the underground city? Where is it located? How is protected? Communications what is provided?

At the beginning of the 21st century, the President of Russia Vladimir Putin was a frequent guest on juzhnouralskoj ski resort “Abzakovo” is located about 60 km from Magnitogorsk. Neither Putin himself nor his pomoshniki and are unable to explain to the public why the President has chosen this place. Official – Putin liked to ride there on skis. But there is an unofficial version. So, the President came to monitor the completion of the construction of a secret underground city, located in the highest mountain massif of the South Urals – Yamantau (translated from the Bashkir – “shithead”, elevation 1640 m).

Greetings from America

First about the existence of secret mining facility in the southern Urals worldwide told Americans. April 16, 1996 “new York times” published an article that reported on a mysterious military base being constructed in Russia. “During a secret project reminiscent of the dark periods of the “cold war”, Russia is engaged in building a giant military complex under the ground near the Ural mountains, as reported by officials in the West and witnesses in Russia. To hidden inside the mountains of Yamantau in the area of Beloretsk (today – the city of Volovo – approx. Ed.) in the southern Urals huge complex suitable railway and highway. The work is performed by thousands of workers,” wrote the publication.

The theme was picked up by other foreign media. The newspaper “the Washington times” of 1 April 1997 published an article “Moscow builds bunkers in case of nuclear attack”, which stated that “while the U.S. has closed most of these objects, Russia rapidly performs costly program for the construction of underground shelters, tunnels and command posts, inherited from the cold war. In particular, work continues on the creation of an underground command post of the strategic forces in the Urals near the city of Beloretsk”.

Foreign publications have tried to take comments of the Russian officials. But, of course, no clear explanation was forthcoming. Russian journalists a sensation of a secret facility in the mountain of Yamantau not picked up: was followed by several papers that suggested and on the extraction of uranium ore in the South Urals mountain, and store state values, and the provision of food. Among others put forward the version of the construction of the bunker for the Russian government in case of nuclear war. But slowly the theme of the special object in amantau went to “no”.

Tourists are spies.

On top of the mountain – a helipad (pictured), at any time, it can take a government helicopter with passenger number 1

Meanwhile, unlike the General public about Yamantau not forgotten tourists who annually make climbing the mountain. They say that just since the beginning of 2000-ies of measures for the protection of the surroundings of Yamantau tightened. On the one hand the mountain is located on the territory of South-Ural state reserve (say that there and the reserve was established not by accident). But patrolling the neighborhood of Yamantau not only hunters, but also military.

“In the area of special object of Yamantau care must be taken not to make noise, do not dilute smoky fires and not to betray his presence in any other bad way. Otherwise, you risk to get acquainted with life and traditions of special forces, to give them exposed film (money, a knife, cigarette), kepnut, proving that you are not a spy from Alabama, and if in the end you still go or give Rangers (and not shoot), you will be sincerely grateful to them”, – share tips tourists.

Those who got to the top of Yamantau, they say that it is a huge rocky plateau with a small pile of rocky outcrops in the centre. “On top of until the early 90-ies was a military unit serving the concrete helipad and military equipment. After war on top of the mountain were the ruins of old buildings, oil puddles and piles of rusted iron”, – eyewitnesses tell.

The tourists saw and shaft, leading deep into the mountains. But the majority of people who visited Yamantau, argues that there likely are uranium mines. “We found there the basin section, separated by concrete walls. Most likely, they were intended for pretransportation storage of uranium ore,” says one of the tourists. “However, that is hidden in the bowels of the mountain, Yamantau, I don’t know even the residents of the intermountain, located at the foot of the mountain. The object of Yamantau has the status of a high privacy – it is a fact, the rest is just speculation and assumptions,” – says another.

The secret city

The underground city is provided with all utilities, including electricity.

But observers in their assumptions were wrong. In mount Yamantau built no mines, but a real underground city. Our Agency managed to contact a few builders who participated in its construction. All persons relevant to Yamantau, gave a subscription about nondisclosure, therefore their names are not disclosed.

So, as one of the participants, the construction of an underground base in mount Yamantau, indeed, was begun in the Soviet years, during the “cold war”. The facility was designed and built by the office of the construction-30, under the Ministry of defence. The office is based in BUT Mezhgorye (formerly Belorets-16, also called the city of sun). Construction management-30 specializes in the construction of objects and structures underground and above-ground placement, conducts large-sized underground construction: in this area US-30 – one of the largest construction organizations.

Work on construction of the underground city were completed around 2002 (just in times of frequent visits Putin in Abzakovo). Since then, there are ongoing maintenance of the complex (hence enhanced protection of the territory). To mount Yamantau summed branch railway. From Magnitogorsk started up the road.

The city in the mountain is calculated on simultaneous stay in it 300 thousand people (for example in Magnitogorsk is home to 400 thousand people in Yekaterinburg – 1.5 million).

“In an underground complex, which is divided into so-called “houses”, created all the necessary infrastructure: communication, and the established system of life support. Created all conditions for at least six months, the men might be in this underground city without going to the surface,” – says an eyewitness. According to another witness, the complex consists of a system of shafts with a diameter of 30 meters and a total length of approximately 500 km.

The official explanation of what purpose in mount Yamantau built and still maintained a secret underground facility, which is being taken such unprecedented security measures to get and failed. About whether Russia is threatened with danger, President Vladimir Putin annual address said nothing.