The Gothic quarter of Barcelona
Barcelona's Gothic quarter is the oldest part of the city. Originally on this site stood the Roman settlement of Barcino, originated from Barcelona. Today the Gothic quarter is for tourists…

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The most enigmatic structure of the planet
It seems that scientists really studied all the corners of our planet, in addition to deep sea, even with today's modern technologies remain unavailable to them. But actually there are…

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The Gothic quarter

Languages: the Official language is Catalan. This language talks about 10 million people in Spain and parts of France. Spanish language in Catalonia is welcomed not the same as Catalan.

Currency: Euro is the only currency that is accepted in Barcelona.

Climate: the climate of Barcelona is Mediterranean, with warm, humid summers, and dry winters. The hottest months are July and August.

The cost of the tour: a Visit to the Gothic quarter is free.

The most favorable time to visit: Spain, and specifically Barcelona, of course, it is better to visit in the summer. The country and its residents love the heat and sun, so all the festivities happen in the summer.

How to get there: the Area is Central, near the main attractions of the city. On both sides of the block there is a subway station. You just need to use these routes: line 4. station Jaume 1, or line three, where there are two stations: Liceu and Drassanes. If you wish to get here by car, by bus numbers 14, 17, 19, 40, 45 and 59, you will be able to do it.

About the item: This is almost the main attraction of Barcelona, because it started from here. Two thousand years of history the city takes its cornies of the area known today as the Gothic quarter. This area was built on the ruins of the Roman city, and their remains can still be seen today. It is a historical, political and religious core of the city, there are several buildings, among them city hall.

The main attraction of the Gothic quarter is Barcelona Cathedral. Inside the Cathedral there is a yard, which graze white geese. Residents believe that these Holy animals reminiscent of Saint Eulalia who is the patroness of Barcelona. Little Eulalio was killed by the pagans, when she was only 13 years old. Perhaps that is why geese here 13.

Historical centre of the Gothic quarter is the area of the King. There are legends that are not documented (and legends) that this square, King Fernando and Queen Isabella met with Christopher Columbus, who returned from his famous voyage of discovering America.

A very long time, since the 15th century, in the quarter built the city hall. Over time this building was rebuilt many times, but retains its original extension, with Gothic decoration, which is lined with large coat of arms of Barcelona. On the contrary, stands the Palace of the government of Catalonia. Right above the entrance to the building stands the statue of St. George, depicted in battle with a dragon. Now the Palace is the President of Catalonia. Many centuries ago, it became the seat of his Holiness the Tribunal.

Also in the quarter there is a famous archive. You know him for funny mailbox, which is decorated with pictures of swallows, symbolizing the hope for a quick answer, and turtles, showing the delivery speed of letters. Also do not forget about the two museums: the Museum of sculptor Frederic Mares Museum and city history.

Surprisingly, after all this time, the quarter has survived two Roman towers that were part of the old city wall, which served as the only protective structure until the 12th century!

You will also see the famous modern building – the College of Architects, the design of the external facade of which was made by Pablo Picasso.

You definitely need to see this wonderful old place, spending your holidays in Barcelona, as so many buildings in the Gothic style built in one block, there is not a single city in Europe. Visiting this historic area, you will be enchanted by its streets and squares.