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Pyramids: there are more questions than answers

Long gone ancient civilization, leaving to posterity many questions and mysteries that are fighting today hundreds of scholars and esotericists. One of such mysteries is still a mystery of the Egyptian pyramids are the only wonder of the seven that survived to our days. The most famous pyramids are the three giant, ascended over the desert at Giza, the entrance to which is guarded by the mysterious Sphinx. This pyramid, built in honor of pharaohs of the fourth dynasty – Khufu, Khafre and menkaure. The most magnificent building of the complex – the pyramid of Cheops. Estimated end date of its erection – 2500 BC At the time the pyramid towered over the Sands at 146 meters. Its plane, lined with polished slabs of white limestone that gleamed in the sun, and the Shine of them visible at a distance of many miles around. In our days the height of the pyramid of Cheops is 135 meters, and the time and the sand has completely obliterated the limestone veneer from its surface. The absolute accuracy of the layout of the pyramid as a whole and its parts separately, given the size of the facility, surprising even the modern builders and architects. Mystery are and the technology used in the process of its construction.

For the first time attempts a serious study of the pyramids have been made by scientists in the early 19th century. Since then, it took about two centuries, but instead of unraveling their mysteries, scientists-Egyptologists and researchers listowell number of puzzles. They put forward various hypotheses about the way and purpose of building the pyramids, their purpose and application, but none of them can claim absolute truth, as there is still no comprehensive answers to the key questions:

– what nation built the first pyramid?

– how the ancients built these cyclopean structures?

– what was the purpose of their construction?

Assumptions there are various – fantastic, as is the intervention of extraterrestrial civilizations, to the most trivial, as the construction of tombs for the pharaohs, using primitive tools and simple draft power.

Mysterious extraordinary occultist, traveler and philosopher Helena Blavatsky claimed that the pyramids are much older than commonly believed. In her opinion, they were built on 75 thousand years before, and the builders of giant buildings are Atlantes, which have built them in anticipation of total chaos and destruction with the aim of preserving the human gene pool.

This does not contradict the opinion of Nostradamus who wrote that the creators of the pyramids are the legendary inhabitants of Atlantis, who could mentally control gravity, and thus be moved huge stone blocks.

There is a legend that under the complex there are cameras, which are hidden the secrets of the civilization of mankind. Modern scientists using the latest equipment found that under the pyramids, as well as under the Sphinx, there really is some emptiness. However, to get there failed. The robot launched into a specially drilled shaft, stared at the limestone wall. Egyptian authorities turned a further study, citing the unwillingness of the destruction of unique historic monuments. In addition, do not forget that the tourist industry is a significant source of revenue of this state, and the presence of mystery always attracts people. As a result, the mystery of the pyramids remains unsolved.

Examining ancient texts, the researchers concluded that living in the 2600’s BC the Egyptian scientist and philosopher, Imhotep possessed the key to unraveling most of the secrets of the pyramids. The high priest and the chief Advisor to the Pharaoh, he was a prodigious abilities, was a great doctor, the founder of Egyptian medicine, and the architect. It is credited with developing the first project is the construction of the pyramids of stone blocks. His talents were so fantastic that skeptics even doubt his real existence. Whatever it was, he didn’t leave us unravel the mysteries of the pyramids.

Some modern researchers have proposed the hypothesis that the pyramid is nothing more than a power plant, a battery and a transmitter of energy. They argue that to consider the pyramid, solely as a burial place and a monument to the Pharaoh pointless. First, there is no evidence that the Pharaoh Khufu was really buried in one of the chambers of the pyramid. Secondly, in the interior of the pyramid are located the rooms and the TV, not with the burial ceremony absolutely nothing. Then to what purpose they served?

Pyramids the researchers believe that the architecture itself is a magnificent building, its “filling” was intended for other purposes. Clearly the claim that the ancient designers and builders of the pyramid had accurate knowledge of the areas about which people learned many centuries later. For example, they knew what is the circumference of the Earth, how long is a year, what is the density of the earth and the speed of light, and much more. They interfere in such a case, to possess a powerful source of energy?

Inside the pyramid are on mine, sprawling across an array of structures. Some of them lead to empty chambers, and all other end in a stalemate. Spreading horizontally with the three dimensional computer graphics that at first sight chaotically located, the web of tunnels and chambers, the scientists saw that the whole design exactly focused on the sky map.

It is noteworthy that one of the channels is vertical to the centerline of the pyramid. In their view, this is direct energy, which is devoted to ancient established connections with the other planets, and possibly with Absolute mind. Lying in the sarcophagus, as in a kind of protective camera, the priests of Ancient Egypt held the degrees of initiation into higher secret knowledge, and the pyramid itself was used to store this knowledge. By the way, in favor of the hypothesis that the pyramid is a power plant, and indicates, with perfect mathematical precision it is built.

Interestingly, during excavations archaeologists found that there where now stands the pyramid of Cheops, 14 thousand years BC stood another pyramid, much more than the current. Another mystery