The first of Gelendzhik dolmens were discovered scientist the world Plesetsk dolmens - at the confluence of R. R. Dogrib in Padu. It did in 1818. the Frenchman, Young de…

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Supercongruence antiquity
Discover how for many centuries before the existence of a revolutionary technology, the ancient civilizations were able to build a stunning architectural masterpieces, which today are the adornment of our…

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Mars and Ancient Egypt

What on Mars is life, at least in the most primitive forms, has been proved. But Gaby Brennen, author of “the Martian Genesis”, went much further. He believes that the early Martians and ancient Egyptians once crossed. And it does not need space ships. The contact took place with the help of pyramids. These mysterious structures are not without reason called today an increased interest. Moreover, in their proportions enclosed almost all of current mathematics. Inside the pyramids there is a place where fruit and vegetables can be stored, not ports arbitrarily long time, and the blades of razors sharpened by themselves, Gaby Brennan found the pyramids another remarkable physical property: they can generate static electricity and periodically dump it from the top to the atmosphere – the mysterious glow in the wee hours. That’s why people walk inside the cyclopean structures can in certain circumstances be felt, as their soul leaves the body and goes on an independent journey In one of such trips, according to Brennan, the ancient Egyptians and inspired by the ancient Martians, the idea of building the Sphinx, an exact copy of earth.

Gone are the days when science with a condescending smile belonged to ancient legends, tales, beliefs. Today carefully study ancient folklore, finding in it “rationalisation”, And find. Not only in folklore but also during the excavation of unexpected findings, overturning all our ideas about the knowledge and achievements of their ancestors. For example, it was found that the ancient Egyptians used the camera obscura – the precursor of the modern cameras, made dentures, and physicians conversant with craniotomy: some turtles were found a silver “patch” covering received in battle wounds.

As you know, the Egyptians believed that the human soul consists of two parts. One of them, which they called the Ka could leave the body and fly through the Universe.

According to Egyptian sources, the Great pyramid was specifically designed so that the Ka of the Pharaoh could use it to travel in space. “She was focused on the constellation Orion, and the soul of the deceased Lord could accurately and easily enter this divine constellation,” writes Brennan, But probably any other pyramid could serve as a “springboard” to launch Spacecraft to distant wanderings, otherwise how would have appeared in Ancient Egypt and in later times as many stories about people whose souls have experienced amazing adventures, wandering between the stars and back in your body. But it’s all false, you never know what to write, Brennen was the fact that it indiscriminately denied. And he found in the writings of Englishman Paul Brighton, who has conducted an amazing experiment, confirming that the pyramid can act as an astral projection machine.

“In the early 1930’s Dr. Brighton travelled to Egypt and managed alone to spend the night in the burial chamber of the great pyramid, writes in his book, Brennan. – Stretched out on the floor the brave Englishman in the total darkness experienced a terrible feeling. In his memoirs he said that his body stiffened, he leaned paralyzing apathy. And there was a feeling that the mighty tornado threw it up high. As if the soul left its earthly shell, He saw a myriad of stars. ”

Here one would expect the colorful stories about what he saw the soul of a brave traveler in other worlds, But nothing like this, Paul Brighton only sparingly reports that he managed to stop the experiment and return soul into his physical shell. And felt certain incompleteness. Maybe the scientist doubted what he had seen, accepting this trust, inspired by a mysterious place and tense mental attitude? In such cases, you should repeat the experiment – But this is Paul Brighton decided not to.