Mars and Ancient Egypt
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Construction of wooden houses
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The Egyptian labyrinth.

The giant maze was built by the Egyptian king Amenemhat III (Psammetichus) around 2000 BC near the pyramids in the Fayoum, on the South coast Merida lake (lake Moeris) . located to the West of the Nile river, 80 kilometers South of the modern city of Cairo. Here is what writes about it in “Historical library” the Greek historian Diodorus of Sicily that between 60 and 57 BC visited Egypt:

“This Maze is remarkable not only for its dimensions, but with cunning and mastery of the internal structure, to reproduce which is impossible.”

Manetho, high priest of Egypt from Heliopolis, in his notes, preserved in the excerpts, “Aegyptiaca” that the Creator of the labyrinth, was the fourth Pharaoh of the twelfth dynasty, Amenemhat III . which he calls Lamparas or Laboris . and about which he writes: “… (He) rules eight years. Arsenism in nome he built himself a tomb — a labyrinth with many rooms ” . Perhaps that is why it is considered that the Egyptian labyrinth was a funerary temple . However, the mention of the fact that this labyrinth was built by the greatest of the pharaohs of the XII dynasty Amenemhat III (according to Egyptologists, ruled from 1842 through 1797 BC (. )) under the throne name of Lamparas – Labarik . immediately caught my attention,because he was the father of Pharaoh Akhenaten the heretic, who had dared to repeal the the cult of Amun.

Reconstruction based on the excavations of sir Flinders Petrie

The Egyptian Labyrinth Reconstruction Of Athanasius Kircher

This building was built in anticipation of Noah’s flood, about which time, the priests, according to Egyptian legends, for three hundred years before the fixed term, warned the Pharaoh of Egypt. (See the book “the Secret of the “comet-retribution””). And herein lies the answer to the mystery of this gigantskogo-underground structures .

The earliest mention of the Egyptian labyrinth, belongs to the Greek historian Herodotus of Halicarnassus (circa 484— 430 BC).

The Ruins Of The Maze

The labyrinth at Knossos. Reconstruction

The answer, I think, is obvious. So even in the face of cosmic catastrophe and chaos to the government and to save the administrative staff and people close to the Pharaoh.

The Egyptian labyrinth was a giant rectangular structure, the base of which is 305 x 244 meters. The Greeks admired the maze is greater than all other Egyptian buildings, except the pyramids.

Pliny the Elder (23/24—79 ad E.) in his “Natural history” also leads the description of the labyrinth: “still existed in Egypt in the nome Herakleopolitan the one that was created first, as reported, 3,600 years ago by king Petesha or Titoism, although Herodotus says that all this construction has created 12 kings, the last of which was Psammetik. Assignment interpret it in different ways: by Remotely, it was the king’s Palace Materia, Liceu — the tomb of Merida, on the interpretation of many, it was built as the sanctuary of the Sun . what is most likely “. And he further informs about the extraordinary strength of the Maze and that he was divided between the twelve nomes . In Egypt (the labyrinth) that I was personally surprised, the entrance and the columns of stone of Paros, the rest of it is built of blocks of syenite [pink and red granite], which can hardly break even with the century, albeit with the assistance of herakleopolitan that belonged to this building with extraordinary hatred…

Describe in detail the location of this building and each part separately is impossible, since it is divided into regions and prefectures, which are called Namam, … in addition, it contains temples of all the gods of Egypt . and, moreover, V. Nemesis 40 edicola (closed chapels mortuary temples) have signed a number of pyramids forty girths, occupying six of the aroura (0,024 ha) at the base…

And then: Convey that in the construction of the vaults of cut stone buttresses were made from the trunks of the back (Egyptian acacia) , cooked in oil ” .

As you can see, the Egyptians in the construction of everything , even the underground temples of the gods, that was important in anticipation of the arrival of the God of death and “the end of the world”.

Thus, it is believed that the famous Labyrinth of amenemhat,( and also the Great pyramids of Egypt), was built as a giant administrative and religious centre, in case pre-calculated by the Egyptian priests “the end of the world”.

Historians testify that the Egyptian Labyrinth, adequately competed with the famous wonders of the world.

Labyrinth of amenemhat, was the prototype for the Maze at Knossos, which I have mentioned in previous articles.

A logical continuation of the story about the Labyrinth of amenemhat III, may be the story of the most famous monasteries in the world, as well as the Labyrinth of amenemhat, had a giant man-made underground spaces, caves. Their infrastructure, expected long-term Autonomous stay, and had a perfect system of zhizneobespecheniya, i.e. they are the objects of dual-use and designed to Vistana in the case of global cosmic catastrophes .

Now it’s time to talk about the most sensational anomaliesare explosion in space, allowing humanity to glimpse the unknown secrets of the past and the future .

And this strange space anomaly allows one to understand why the epicenters of cosmic explosions ancient authors called strange mythological term “all-Seeing eye”, and in Uranian mythology, “the Navel of the Earth” is a cosmic, temporal and metaphysical hub for communications between the earth and the Universe and the place of the message of the three worlds: the human, the realm of the dead and the gods. And this allows to understand why the ancient sages called “the navel of the Earth” “cosmic axis” that connects heaven and Earth . And we can come closer to understanding a strange phenomenon, why are the local cosmic catastrophes the prophets, you receive the possibility of direct and feedback with the unknown world of the Fifth dimension.