The first of Gelendzhik dolmens were discovered scientist the world Plesetsk dolmens - at the confluence of R. R. Dogrib in Padu. It did in 1818. the Frenchman, Young de…

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The most mysterious place in the world
Puma Punku in Bolivia ― one of the most mysterious archaeological sites in the world. It attracts archaeologists and professional historians and Amateurs to explore the hypothesis of the existence…

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Gothic architecture

goticheskaja-arhitektura “Eerily beautiful”- this term, in my opinion, best describes this style of architecture. Have you ever breathless from the sight of something truly beautiful? You will feel it, seeing the beauty of open-work, of magnificence, almost ethereal heights, these cathedrals. In this architecture there is something mysterious and, I believe, esoteric. Despite the fact that now this style is almost never used, it still remains relevant. To broaden and deepen their knowledge in Gothic architecture it is necessary to examine some of the nuances of the structure used by the Gothic architects.

Clearly see the features of the structure of Gothic cathedrals possible, comparing it with a Romanesque style. It is worth noting that he was “the forerunner of the” Gothic. To keep away from put themes, you can briefly describe the Romanesque style, namely, one word- “fortress”. Both styles are completely opposite to each other, so the Gothic style society refused to accept, considering the architecture of barbarism. But, over time, when France, England and Germany reacted positively to the style, it spread throughout Europe.

A distinctive feature of the Gothic style was the appearance of a sculpture gallery. Sculpture, mainly raspolagetsya the facade of the buildings, much less in the interior (in this case, as a rule, were located around the altar). The sculptures were varied: the faces of the saints on the portals, the so-called “gallery of kings”, scenes from “the last judgment”, the gargoyles, chimeras, etc. Depicted scenes from the life of Christ or saints to whom the Church is dedicated. The gargoyle on the roof of the buildings located in a special way: rainwater from roofs is poured out through their mouth. In the sculptures there is always a story.

There are large Lancet Windows located near the top of the buildings in the center were decorated with huge Gothic rose; colonnade, the sides of which, two huge towers with sharp spires aimed skyward.

Interesting fact: when the Amiens Cathedral, located in France, was subject to cleaning, it was noticed that the facades of the building were not always so strict, and were painted in different colors.

Large multi-color stained glass was diluted by the gloom and rigor of architecture with its iridescence and ease. Usually, as in sculpture, the stained glass Windows depicted the saints some important events, or everyday scenes.

Using sculpture stone carving, the walls of the cathedrals were decorated with sculpted lace. The spires, buttresses and winegum grow beautiful flowers and plants, amazing sprouted leaves – the so-called crabby.

Over time, aversion to Gothic architecture gave way to undisguised admiration. Cathedrals and temples, preserved forever in this style still remain the monuments of world architecture.