The Crimean pyramids are going to dig up?
Ten years ago, the media was rocked by news: in Crimea, near Sevastopol, have been discovered underground pyramids, and one of them even managed to punch a hole. The sensation…

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Mosaic labyrinths were laid also on the floor of some Gothic cathedrals
And so it continued for many centuries and millennia. Spiral codes were passed down from generation to generation, from nation to nation, from worldview to worldview from religion to religion.…

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The most enigmatic structure of the planet

It seems that scientists really studied all the corners of our planet, in addition to deep sea, even with today’s modern technologies remain unavailable to them. But actually there are a lot of unsolved mysteries that are on the surface of the earth. We can buy Kiev on-Board computers for their cars and go to strange structures, the origin and destination remain unknown to the village. A lot of them. But the most mysterious structures of the planet as follows:

In Wiltshire is one of the most mysterious places on earth – Stonehenge. About the origin, and especially about the purpose of this strange stone structures scientists argue for several centuries and cannot come to a common agreement. One of the most popular assumptions is that these stones are only a small part of a huge statue that was just destroyed by disasters and war.

2. Easter Island

This place is located near the coast of Chile. On it are huge Moai statues, each carved from volcanic rock and weighs tens of tons. Today there were only 394 of 887. And if everybody understands how the alignment of drives Kiev on the tire, as in those days people were able to make such a huge sooruzenii deliver them to the place – remains a mystery.

With Egypt and its facilities generally associated many secrets. But the most mysterious building certainly is the statue of the Sphinx, which is simply amazing with its magnificence. In length it is 73 meters, and height – 20. How man could build something this size and why – is still unknown.

4. The Temple Of Jupiter

To the great chagrin, today we can see only ruins of a once huge building. But its original size can be judged by the basis in which only one block of stone weighs 300 tons.

That ancient people had an incredible knowledge in the field of astrology, has long been known. And another proof is Newgrange, which was built already 5000 years ago. Modern alloy wheels are unlikely to Kiev lasted so long. This monument is located in Ireland. It is made of clay, earth, wood and stone. The biggest mystery of this building is how the ancients were able to accurately calculate the passage of sunlight through the small window above the entrance so that the light completely flooded the entire room. Such phenomenon can be seen only twice a year – before and after 21 December. On other days there is pitch dark, the darkness is dark.