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Megalithic structures of the island Khortytsya

Megalithic complexes of the island Khortytsya in Zaporozhye region of Ukraine built by immigrants from the star system Sirius 8 -10 thousand years ago, maybe even earlier.

Megalithic structures of the island of Khortitsa in Ukraine is very often compared with British Stonehenge. This implies that both these buildings are sanctuaries.

In his article “mystery of Stonehenge: an ancient spaceport” and other articles, the author proved that Stonehenge and other megalithic complexes of England were built more than 14 thousand years ago and were ancient spaceports. They landed heavy aircraft immigrants from the star system Sirius.

The complex megalithic structures on the island of Khortytsya is also not a sanctuary. Most of these buildings were designed for the landing and takeoff of light aircraft immigrants from the star system Sirius. In all likelihood, they were built more than 8 – 10 thousand years ago, maybe even earlier. The appearance of the preserved megalithic objects Khortytsya island proves it.

Much debate is around a five-ton “black stone” on which are carved the petroglyphs. You can agree that the “black stone” actually shows a map of the island Khortytsya. It is also possible to add, that five triangles on econorte, in all probability, were marked with the place of landing light aircraft displaced persons. The information that this stone and the construction of six stones, but of smaller size, came to the island of Khortitsa with the glacier, is incorrect.

In all likelihood, these stones really came into this island from Cherkasy oblast, but they were not delivered on the Dnieper river and not by land.

In his articles, the author repeatedly wrote that immigrants from the star system Sirius owned unique technologies in the handling and transporting of the megaliths. For a while they made them almost weightless and transported to the intended place with the help of his light aircraft. The Dnieper river served as a beautiful navigation bar that helped to navigate when flying. About aircraft displaced persons was discussed in articles of the author of “Aircraft of migrants from the star systems of Sirius and Nemesis”, “Heavy aircraft displaced from the star systems of Sirius and Nemesis” and other articles.

Figure 1. The famous “Black stone” Khortitsa.

Unfortunately, some megalithic complexes of the island were destroyed without the involvement of people in the process. But even that has been preserved, shows that in this place in ancient times were built the landing aircraft displaced persons. Figure 2 shows one of these seats.

Figure 2. The notch on the Middle pillar in the Northern part of the island.

It is believed that this indentation was formed in a natural way and were only a small processing people. In fact, this notch in the rock was made by immigrants from the star system Sirius. It was one of the landing places for landing small aircrafts immigrants. Excavation in rocks of the same shape exist in “Krasnoyarsk pillars” in Russia. These cut-outs were discussed in the author’s article “Ancient spaceport “Krasnoyarsk columns”. Such recesses in the rocks indicate that they were made not earlier than 8 – 10 thousand years ago. If under the bottom of the aircraft displaced persons was not airspace, due to technical reasons, he would not be able to land and take off. The lower part of such aircraft is rotated. But in the later era immigrants, in all likelihood, there was a light aircraft that had retractable supports. This allowed us to land on a solid flat surface. And then recesses in the rocks or megalithic stationary supports for light aircraft were not needed. But for heavy aircraft such fixed supports were required at all times.

On the Khortytsia island were built and other landing places for aircraft displaced persons. In the area Brovarnya at an altitude of about 30 meters above the Dnipro river, there are three such seats. It is believed that this sanctuary. But this is misleading. Indentations in the center of the three objects, limited to the megaliths symbolize not the egg yolk. These objects were places immediate landing of the aircraft displaced persons. The settlers never built observatories and sanctuaries. They believed in one God, and such facilities were not needed. About this was discussed in many articles by the author.

In the first complex of megalithic megaliths depict a snake, obvivshayasya around the circle limited by the megaliths. This megalithic complex proves conclusively that all megalithic sites on the island Khortytsya were built by immigrants from the star system Sirius. In the articles the author has repeatedly mentioned that immigrants from this star system very often was depicted as a snake, coiled around the disk. Such an image symbolizes the process of destruction of the solid crust of dark star. Immigrants from the star system Sirius were forced to leave their planet, moving in orbit around the star, which was to destroy his hard dark crust. About the meaning of petroglyphs with images of spirals was discussed in the articles “the Image of Nemesis and of the Sun in the petroglyphs and mystery spirals”, “Armenia is a successor of ancient civilizations”, “False “Gates of hell” and their “guards”” in the other articles of the author.

Two other megalithic complex of Brovary in ancient times also served as landing places for light aircraft immigrants from the star system Sirius. Figure 3 shows the first megalithic site of Brovary, which served as a landing place for aircraft immigrants from the star system Sirius.

Figure 3. The first megalithic object Brovarnia district on the island of Khortytsia.

Thus, all the megalithic complexes of the island Khortytsya built not half-civilized tribes with spears, and the very smart people that came to Earth from the star system Sirius, around 10 thousand years ago, and perhaps earlier. The Sumerian culture appeared much later than the settlements of immigrants from the star system Sirius on the island of Khortytsya.

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