Gothic style in the interior
Gothic — style art. Born in Western Europe. Dominated in art from the thirteenth to the fifteenth century. The Goths – ancient Romans called barbarian tribes made raids on the…

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The most ancient buildings on Earth
Keviczky tomb (Sweden) The tomb was built on the territory of modern Sweden more than three thousand years ago. Long time local farmers used the ancient stones for their own…

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Maltese Cyclops

Malta cross and go far out to sea track, similar to the stone rails (see “AIF” N 38). Built in the new stone age, the ruts were contemporaries of the temples, built of huge megaliths. Was able to build the ancient Atlanteans.

FARMER Lorenzo fed up to straighten the blade of the plow, nieszawska on the boulders, which was littered with his plot in the town of Tarxien. Having begun to uproot the rocks, he found under them smoothly hewn blocks with reliefs of great beauty. Due to the findings Temi Zammit, the first Maltese archaeologist, noticed a few oval buildings lie under a layer of gray ash. Researcher defined: this layer without traces of human activity — evidence of a volcanic eruption, the lava which covered the island more than 4.5 thousand years ago. So, temples were built before the disaster.

So exactly one hundred years ago in the center Tarsina dug up the temple complex. It is still amazing engineering and artistic skill. And his age close to 5 thousand years. In that distant time in Europe could not be competent engineers, skilled stone carvers. There was no metal. On this, at least, insists the historical science.

Surprisingly, the temples of Atlantis were looking at the sea.

Temples made of stones, sometimes reaching three metres high. The mass of the largest of them, laid in the wall of the temple of Hagar, is 10.5 tons. Found a career in which the stones were extracted without the use of chisels and chisel. It is unclear how broke out these blocks than their squared so exactly how delivered to the construction site — after all, before the invention of the wheel was left more than a thousand years.

Curator of archaeological research in Malta Katya Stroud is convinced that the error in the Dating of a minimum — no more than a few decades. First, the cultural layer, which was resting findings, accurately defines the era. Second, under many stones seek out pollen, which dates back to the radiocarbon method. Third, the age of structures help to clarify pieces of pottery. Finally, the U.S. has developed a new method to determine the age of the limestone. While carved in the quarry stone lying in the sun, its physical characteristics change. The laser beam allows to estimate the time when the sun’s rays began to affect the limestone. So, all methods converge to approximately the same date — the year 3000 BC, a Little earlier or a little later, were built all the Maltese temples.

The OLDEST of them — Ggantija (in the root of the ancient name is heard “giant”) on the island of Gozo is listed in the Guinness Book of records as the oldest man-made structure, its age is estimated to be 5600 years. Today much eroded remains of the temple make a strong impression. Amazing how in such inconceivable antiquity have thought to alternate in the lower tier of vertical and horizontal stones are stronger so they hold the design.

But the first known buildings were so superior, then the builders arrived on the island, already having engineering knowledge. Where they got them? And from whom?

If this were Atlanta or descendants of inhabitants of the legendary continent, it is clear that they could do many things. Perhaps more than we do.

Mnajdra temples are (the root of “PDR” — translated from the Maltese language close to Arabic, means “to observe”) built of stones of two rocks. The exterior walls are composed of more durable limestone, the inner of softer limestone. The limestone island lies literally under their feet. Limestone is much less. But near Mnajdra can see the remains of the quarry with traces of the production of stone. Long wandering on a career, I suddenly came across the tracks of the instrumental effects: the stone is cut by a flat plane to leave which could only cutter. And next to this is a small flat plane cut, disappearing into the depths of the stone, — the track saw or a steel blade. This confirmed the existing hypothesis that the builders of the ancient temple were used high technologies.

The author of documentaries about the ancient mysteries of Malta Stephen Florian is convinced that are is a complex calendar of the ancient Maltese. On March 21, the vernal equinox, a beam of the rising sun, passing through a narrow gap between the entrance stones, leaves a trail on the left stone screen in the chancel. On September 23, the sun beam falls on the right stone of the altar. June 21 morning, the beam passes strictly in the middle between the Propylaea, determining on the screen the “top of summer”.

Limestone Mnajdra has Buffy spots — the color of iron. According to Florian, the exact orientation of the temple along the magnetic field lines of the Earth with high iron content gives the building a strong energy. There are people who feel it. They come in Mnaidra for meditation. Stephen himself saw the man, meditate in front of the entrance to the temple, this man looked like a black ball hanging. Time and again the same was reported to the researcher different, unrelated people.

If you look closely to some of was found in the temple complex of things, there is no doubt that before the crash of the third Millennium BC both Islands were inhabited by a community of engineers, astronomers and artists. More about that in the next post.