Gothic architecture
goticheskaja-arhitektura "Eerily beautiful"- this term, in my opinion, best describes this style of architecture. Have you ever breathless from the sight of something truly beautiful? You will feel it, seeing…

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Ancient architecture of Ingushetia
Its originality and grandeur of the ancient architecture of the Ingush has long attracted the attention of many scientists. Back in the mid-18th century Vakhushti Bagrationi noted that the Ingush…

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Kutná Hora: a town-Museum in the Gothic style

Kutná Hora is an ancient Czech city, founded in XIII century. He stands on a hill surrounded by greenery of the forest. Once there were found mines, where for a long time the silver was mined. Today, the city is reminiscent of the middle ages and recognized as a Museum under the open sky. Kutná Hora has a history that is linked to silver mining. Major sources of ore brought main income for the whole of Europe. Later it began to mint pennies (coins Prague). In our days in the city you can see many unique monuments of architecture, walk through its streets and admire the Gothic style buildings.

One of the most famous attractions of Kutna Hora is the chapel that is comprised of human bones. Slightly depressing experience creates this structure, however, this unique building is composed of thousands of 40000 human bones. Naturally, all of the material disinfected and bleached. Once, in the middle ages, it was a battle, which killed tens of thousands of people. That’s when the idea to build the chapel. It’s all bones: chandeliers, images of monsters, bells, coat of arms of the famous family of Shvartsenberg.

Also worth visiting are the Cathedral of St. Barbara. The temple was repeatedly rebuilt, it was decorated in different styles. The last was the neo-Gothic. Here is an entertaining feature stained glass Windows, and the walls are decorated with goticheskie.

From April to October a Museum Hradek. Here is all the information telling about the silver ores and the extraction of this metal. You can look at the mechanisms and tools used by workers. To visit this Museum at any time, order excursions around the Czech Republic .

Having been in the restaurant Dacicky brewer, you can feel the atmosphere of the old Czech Republic. It is located in the city center, nearby the main attractions. The cuisine here is traditional. Czech dishes are prepared by experienced chefs. From drinks, Beers and wine. The rest of the restaurant and provides individual programmes for special order. You can even celebrate your wedding celebration.