Mars and Ancient Egypt
What on Mars is life, at least in the most primitive forms, has been proved. But Gaby Brennen, author of "the Martian Genesis", went much further. He believes that the…

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Built In Italy
The most ancient monuments of the construction of the italic peoples in their purpose and design belong to the so-called cyclopean or pelagicheskie buildings, traces of which remain in Greece…

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The Crimean pyramids are going to dig up?

Ten years ago, the media was rocked by news: in Crimea, near Sevastopol, have been discovered underground pyramids, and one of them even managed to punch a hole. The sensation died down, nothing productive and not noted and like. I forgot about it. But no – this summer, as had been stated publicly, the mystery of the Crimean pyramids have to be disclosed: in place of one of the ancient relics of heavy machinery.

The beginning of history with the Crimean pyramids was laid in 2001, when the Sevastopol research group under the leadership of candidate of technical Sciences Vitaly Anatolyevich Goh announced his sensational discovery. According to other published sources, underground pyramids were discovered in 1999 or 2000. The discovery was made quite by accident – during the search of thermal waters using the method of geohydrodynamics, specially designed based on the principles of dowsing and even patented in patent office of Ukraine. Continue reading

What’s in common? gardens, megalithic structures, mandalas and temples

I have increasingly come to the conclusion that everything is interconnected, and there is a higher mental mind or is it embedded in our genes.

I look at labyrinths, mandalas, ancient ornaments and see the similarities, although there are huge differences in the culture and geography of those areas where all of these ancient times appeared. Images of labyrinths, referring to the same time were discovered in North America, India and Indonesia, in Sumatra, in the mountains of Tibet, and throughout Europe. Among all Nations they were associated with religious concepts of death and rebirth.

The most famous labyrinth is a maze of king Minos on Crete, which, according to the myth, dwelt the Minotaur.

One of the earliest depictions of the labyrinth in the North of Europe, belonging to about 2500 BC, is a triple spiral carved on the inside wall of the burial of new-Grange in Ireland’s County Meath. Continue reading

Artistic forging in Gothic style

Traveling through Europe for myself to note the fact that different historical eras have different trends and styles in architecture. One of the brightest areas, of course, is the Gothic style. This direction arose in the middle of the seventh century.

Artistic forging of metal is closely associated with the Gothic architectural style. This is exemplified by the wrought-iron gazebo , massive wrought iron doors and other unusual metal products. Most of the work blacksmiths made in this direction have intricate patterns, which fit well with oak leaves, lilies, grapes, a variety of four-leaf rosettes and other elements that form a floral ornament. All this diversity of forms, master blacksmith jewelers woven into intricate geometric patterns. The fence, built in the Gothic style, are the characteristic features of the time, it is the presence of arrowheads in the form of arrows on each rod, a wrought-iron fence. Also at the base there is always a square element. In the manufacture of wrought iron doors in the master paid special attention to its handle, door handle performing strictly observing all the main areas of the Gothic style. Floral designs were used not only for decoration all the products, but also performed various functions, such as knock, wrought-iron knob, on the door, thereby alerting house owners about the arrival of guests. Continue reading

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